Help, need exercises for flabby legs..

Karen_slJune 23, 2007

Losing weight really good at this point and walking 2 miles a day. But, I have rhumitoid arthritis and my knees are hurting...bad.

Are there any great videos or excersises aimed at legs?

I have lost 20 pounds and have 50 more to go...


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swimming is the best for you...go for it

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Knees hurt? Then swim. Keep up the good work.

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Winsor Pilates Buns & Thighs DVD targets the legs all from lying down, mostly on the side, leg lift type exercises.

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Can you ride a bike? A stationery bike might be good for you, it strengthens and tones the leg muscles which support the knee. Easy does it at first and increase tension gradually.

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Eliptical machine puts less stress on knees. Biking and/or roller blading might work also.

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