What scale would you recommend?

maggie_berryJune 24, 2005

My current digital scale has a different weight every time I step on it. If I step on it five times in a minute it will read all different weights. I know I should only weigh myself once a week but when I go to weight in I have this dance hoping on and off the scale trying to figure out what I weight. My last scale was not digital but I could not read the increments. The numbers were to small to read when standing on the scale. Any recommendations for a good reliable scale. Thank you for any advice, Maggie

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no suggestion on models. I have a non-digital scale - and keep an old pair of glasses nearby so that I can read it. I have glasses going back years, so it was no problem to put a broken pair on the back of the toilet.

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Aye, such a simple solution, glasses! Thank You, Maggie

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I bought a Weight Watchers WW43 Memory Glass Electronic Scale a few months ago and find it excellent. It has a very large digital readout against a blue background and its all glass. It has a balancing dot which floats till you are standing correctly each time so you get an accurate reading. You can also set start weight, and each time you can see how you are doing in relation to it, etc. I find it very accurate and easy to read.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Sells It

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