WANTED: bed doll or air freshener doll patterns or 11 1/2

desertangel92277February 19, 2009

cant find any patterns by fiber craft for the air freshener dolls also looking for bed doll and 11 1/2 doll patterns thank you if you can help me

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I have some. Contact me at lkisser@comcast.net (first letter is an "L" and let me know what you are looking for

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Here are the patterns I have, I am looking for Toothfairy FCM 159, Fairy Godmother FCM 160, Bewitching FCM 229, Queen of Gold, Pearls, Jewels, and Silver.
(FCM 244,245,246,247)

FCM 147 Little Red Riding Hood
FCM 148 Little Bo Peep
FCM 154 Groom Tuxedo
FCM 157 Goldilocks
FCM 158 Little Miss Muffet
FCM 161 Queen of Hearts
FCM 162 Peppermint Candy
FCM 163 Cinderella
FCM 164 Mary Had A Little Lamb
FCM 165 Mary Quite Contrary
FCM 166 POlly, put the Kettle On
FCM 167 Annabelle
FCM 169 Lilly
FCM 170 Hansel
FCM 171 Gretel
FCM 174 Constance
FCM 175 Miriam
FCM 180 Bud Babies
FCM 181 Cupids on the Go
FCM 186 Jack
FCM 187 Jill
FCM 194 Victorian Bride
FCM 195 Victorian Groom
FCM 196 Peach Blossom
FCM 197 Merry Sunshine
FCM 198 Autumn Leaves
FCM 199 Snowflake
FCM 200 Southern Belle
FCM 202 Betsy Ross
FCM 203 1776 Patriot
FCM 209 Favorite Things
FCM 210 Birthday Girl
FCM 211 Twinkle Star
FCM 214 Tea Time
FCM 215 Party Time
FCM 232 Musical Bride
FCM 233 Mother's Lullaby
FCM 234 Sweetheart
FCM 238 Indian Princess
FCM 239 Cowgirl - 2 copies
FCM 241 Erin
FCM 274 Ballerina Beauties
FCM 328 World Friends - Navajo Indians
FCM 329 Indian Chief
FCM 332 Abigail
FCM 347 Miss Lilly
FCM 351 Scented Sweeties I
FCM 355 Indian Princess 2
FCM 374 Harvest Moon
FCM 407 Princesses Sunrise and Sunset

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