Leg cramps or pains?

betty_the_villagesJune 29, 2005

Has anyone had any leg cramps at night? I have had them now for almost a week. I go to bed and sleep 4 hours and wake up with terrible leg pains or cramps. I have to get out of bed and walk through the house. When I come back to bed they start hurting again. Last night after I got up once I propped two pillows at the bottom of the bed and ellivated my legs. I got some relief, but no sleep. I take lots of Calcium every day and Fosamax once a week. Could I need Potassium or some other vitamen or mineral?

God Bless!

Betty in Florida

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Betty I take lots of calcium and was getting leg cramps, my pharmacist told me to take magnesium with the calcium and the leg cramps have stopped.

If you do a google search it will tell you what ratio is best.


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Betty, please consider going to a doctor. It is so scary to go to the doctor when you have real symptoms. I don't know why it easier to go to the doctor when we have a cold and know we will be ok then it is to go when we could have anything. I lived with shoulder pain for years. finally I decided I really needed to lift my arm to eat. Turns out it was a rotor cuff injury that required surgery. I decided on therapy for the pain before surgury. (All my friends had decided it was a pinch nerve in the neck. So, I was waiting for the neck to heel.) Your leg cramps are hurting you. Be good to yourself and get it checked out.Maggie

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Betty you need magnesium not calcium!

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I went to the doctor's and he missed checking my blood sugar. As I went out the door I turned back and ask him...he just sit down and wrote me an order to go for a 2 hour blood check for my sugar. I went and waited the rest of the day to hear and heard nothing from it. That night I got weak and my lower jaw started jerking and I could not talk. My husband took me to the ER early that next morning and found out it was my sugar that was way up. Later I found out that it was over 700.
So always remember if you have leg cramps and dry mouth and thirsty all the time...it is your sugar level being high. I was in the hospital for 11 days. I was so sick. I was tested for everything to make sure no organs were harmed. All the tests came out negative. PTL. I am weak and do not know anything much about sugar Diabetes. That's what I have now :-(. Thank heavens I am signed up for Home Health care for a week. I do not have to be on Insulin. Just pills. But, I don't know how to select my diet. I do not eat anything sweet anymore.
Thank all of you for all your replies.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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