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sportsmom12June 1, 2004

Okay- exercise rookie here. My husband and I are determined to try to get in shape and lose weight. One small device we bought was a pedometer.($24 at Dicks) We have it set to steps because I read an article that said you should motivate yourself to do 10-12K steps a day.

My husband is frustrated because when we take our walks- exactly the same I come up with alot more steps than him. I am sure it has something to do with our stride length- but can it really make that much of a difference? I almost double the steps.

Thanks for any advise. I think you can input your weight into this thing if you want to get fancy= just didn't know if that came into play

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Hi Sportsmom12,

I use a pedometer all the time. My friend that sometimes walks with me, uses one too. They are never the same when we complete our walk. However, there is not that big of a descrepency. Are yours the type that you calibrate? Or are they just a stepometer.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hopefully someone will come along and answer your question better than I.


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Hi Sportsmon: Of course the number of steps is different. His stride is longer, but he is covering the same distance. I'm sure he is getting as much exercise as you. Keep it up!

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