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marci_paOctober 31, 2005


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Trick or treat from Salem! Ugh.

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(((NHSuzanne)) Sending hugs and good thoughts for DH today. Keep us posted on the outcome of his surgery.

DeeMarie - Hope you are having a wonderful time on your cruise.

We already had our Halloween parties and programs, so the kids shouldn't be too wound up today. But tonight is Trick or Treat, so they will probably be on a sugar high tomorrow! LOL

Getting ready to start posting menus tomorrow.


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Halloween parties today. LOTS of trick or treaters will be here tonight.

In-laws are here till the end of week. Things are going smoothly so far. We took them to the islands for the weekend. The weather was on and off rain, but not bad.

Dad is still in the hospital, diagnosed with Pertussis (Whooping Cough). He's being treated with antibiotics and is showing some improvement.

I'm headed to work today and the in-laws are coming with me. I don't know what they'll do, but they want to come, so what the heck! DH does not want them at his work. :) They will tour the columbarium (a building with foutains inside, where cremated remains are displayed in individual glass cases in beautiful urns), casket rooms, the chapel, and the cemetery (called 'gardens' in the industry). They'll like it.

Posting menus!!! Finally, I'll be able to stay on track and lose this last 10 pounds I want to lose! Are we posting exercise too, or just food?

All for now! Have a great day and don't feast on candy---too much!

Raeanne~ Will they rebuild your hotel? And will you be vacationing there anyway this winter?

NHSuzanne~ Thinking of you and your DH. ((((((HUGS))))))

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NH Suzanne - sending lots of light and love to you and DH.

BJ - Sounds like your in-laws will be better entertained with you than DH LOL. Good to hear that your dad is making progress. We got word from the Nursing Home that my father has pnuemonia - but he seems to be on the mend. Have a great time with the tricks or treats - I will be sticking to the tricks this year.

Marci - thanks for starting us off with such a cute picture. Glad the parties are behind you and hopefully the moms won't let the kids overdo the candy tonight.

We had our variety show on Friday, just a couple minor mishaps, nothing too obvious to the audience. Just a lot of work and I was exhausted on Saturday. I went out with DH yesterday to the Driving Range - I did terrible, very inconsistent. We ate out everynight except one last week and I can't wait to have some homecooked healthy food tonight.

I am ready to post my menus and my exercise routine.

Have a healthy day!

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BJ - my hotel is shooting for a January 10th reopening - I don't know if this is realistic or not. I saw pictures and there is no beach and they had one of the largest beaches in the hotel zone. I would love to go and support them this year, but we weren't planning on it. We are going to Tuscany for at least 2 weeks in April, and haven't made any other plans, but once the snow arrives, I'm sure we will be eager to be somewhere tropical.

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Hi goils!

BJ--love and hugs to your dad--:):)

NHSuzanne--love and hugs to you today, too. Your hubby is in my prayers--

No word yet on the casino--

I took my 16 yo cat to the vet this morning, and he's lost weight, and the vet is concerned, although all his other signs look good (for his age). He did put up a fight when the vet took blood--gad--you'd thought there was a lion in that room. He's my last baby, and I'm worried.

No word yet on my friend Bill who is waiting for a throat biopsy results--

Phone's ringing--bbl



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Maddie - I forgot your cyber hugs ((((((HUGS))))), sending positive thoughts to your mom, 16 y/o baby, friend Bill and your casino job!

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Marci - Nice to see your introduction and cute image. The last couple of times I was on, I think you were away.

Maddie - sorry you are scared about the kitty. They do move on when it's time, as do we all. I still have the Santa Claus picture you sent me with the three cats. I have it taped to the outside of my hall closet door. I'll probably outlive Heather, too, though she is only seven now and seems in good enough health, except for being overweight. The weight has just come on her in the last couple of years.

BJ, I'm glad your dad is improving. That's tough stuff. I've never had it and never want to.

The last week or so my heart's been beating in an irregular way, with a lot of pauses, so my pulse is in the 50's which is low for me. I've heard that it's not dangerous unless it gets below 30, but I'm tryng to watch it. I did see the doctor a couple of days ago, and she did an ecg, which showed irregularities and PVC's. But since the blood tests came out okay, she let me go home. Actually she did say it looked like I had a virus or infection of some kind. I wasn't really happy with the visit and will maybe try to follow up with someone else, but it's hard for me to go anywhere. I always get sick afterward. Anyway, good thoughts and prayers and always appreciated.

Does anyone have any recent news of Happyto?

Aloha, Amy

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Hi all,

NH Suzanne, I am sending prayers and positive energy your way. Thinking of you and DH all day today.

Besh, I FEEL for you!! Every year between Christmas and New Year, our neck of the woods fills up with Rose Parade party animals and rose bowl fans.

Bj, I am glad that your Dad is improving. Have fun with the in laws at work.

Maddie, it is hard when our animal babies are sick. My cat Oreo screams bloody murder during the car ride to the vet and is just about impossible when we get there....Sending prayers and good thoughts your way, too.

Raeanne, I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he's on the mend soon. That's too bad about the hotel....

Amy, I worked for several years as a nurse in surgical and cardiac ICU. I don't know what kind of doc you saw, but you need a second opinion like YESTERDAY. You should have been put on a 24 hour Halter Monitor to monitor EKG changes over the long haul. PLEASE promise you'll see a cardiologist right away. 50 is NOT an acceptable heart rate unless you are an athlete in top shape (like a marathon runner) The irregularity bothers me as well. All those lab tests would indicate from a cardiac perspective, was whether or not you'd had an MI (heart attack) or not. Please pinky swear tht you will follow through on this.....!!

Getting off soap box now... Ahem!

Very busy work day today. All of our patient visit records are now recorded on PDA's which the office so graciously provides for our business and personal use. It is awesome! But getting used to it is another story all together.

We had trick or treaters from a local nursery school come to the office and sing for us. So between patient visits, I stopped by to watch them and also to join the office pot luck. These people know how to party! : )

I went wearing powder blue scrubs with cotton balls stuck all over one side of my body. I carried a squirt gun. I was..... "Partly cloudy with a chance of showers"!! Ha ha!

DS is at a party with some kids from church and I have only had one kid T or T.

Ready to post menus manana,

Happy Halloween, Everybody!


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rabbit - rabbit

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Rabbit rabbit!

Im sending out good thoughts to everyone with some illness in the family, I hope they all get better soon!

NHSuz- I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine we have had the last couple of days, even for a little while. I know seeing the sun come out was a little pick me up for me, hope it was for you too.

Maddie- good luck on the job! I have an interview tomorrow morning, im not all that excited about the position, and im not feeling that great, think I have a cold coming, but im going anyhow and will make the best of it. Have to keep plugging away.

Other than that not a whole lot that is new or fantastic. I did lose some weight but then I havent been eatting much the last couple of days :( Just dont have any appetite at all.

Amy, good to see you posting, take care of yourself, sounds like you got some good advice here from others who know better than I.

take care everyone, hope your day is a good one!


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Good morning all!

Amy! 50! Wow! Tikanas is soooo right--get thee to a cardiologist immediately! My purrbaby that I'm so worried about right now is the one that Santa is holding--the other 2 are at the Bridge.

And Tikanas, would you explain why a lower heart rate is better as you get in better shape? I understand that the more it beats, the faster it can 'wear out', so it that it?

John--good luck tomorrow! I'm not that enthustastic about my prospect either, but if I don't like it, I can always get another. The casino is open 24/7/365, so I'll hafta work all weekends and holidays, and if I was making cruncho-buckos, I could swallow it, but I'm not making much per hour. And you know, I keep reading about how companies are having a hard time finding qualified workers, and then I wonder why they treat us like they do when they find us (or us, them). Like Dee says: never give up! :)

Thanks for the wishes for my furbaby--he's 16 today, and we've been through some times together! He seems to be a hair better, thank heavens! :)

Well, not one trick or treater last night; didn't even see one. Disappointed, but not surprised.

OK--I'm throwning this out early this year, but it's time for the 2005 (GAD!!) Christmas Exchange Extravaganzia!!!! Please think of new themes, if anything pops in your head. I love the ornaments (well, I collect 'em so I'm prejuiced!), but if anyone can think of anything else, please throw it out on the table!

I'd like to have the names of who is interested by Nov. 8th (one week), and then Rog will pair us up, and away we go! heehee! :)

Gotta go--an orange, hairy, purring monster has decided to lay on my foot; I gotta go torture....ummmm..... love on 'em!



Yeah--where is Jen? SusieQ? Lynn?

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Maddie~I want in for the Christmas exchange, please!

I hope that everyone that isn't feeling well or that has family members who are ill will get better soon.

Rabbit, rabbit! I might not have got it here but I did get Dave! LOL

Good to see so many people posting. Everyone take care of yourselves & someone else! It will make you feel real good. Patti :)

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Rabbit, rabbit!!

Maddie, As you get in "tip top" shape, (not just GOOD shape,but as in marathon runner, olympic atlete shape), your heart pumps more efficiently and less beats per minute are 'necessry'. 50 beats per minute with an irregularity (aka arrythmia) is not a good thing. Happy B-day to your furbaby. Name please? or did I miss it?

Amy, I am sending you an email...

I am in for the Christmas exchange, although I am not sure if I could come up with a "tackier" Christmas ornament... lol! Raeanne would have to be the judge!

No one has posted their menus as of yet. Shall I be the first?

Br: 2 eggwhite omelette w/ 1/4 c. non fat mozarella cheese
1/2 lg beefsteak tomato, 2 tbs homemade salsa on omelette.

snack: 1/2 non fat lemon yogurt, 1/2 c. green beans ( yeah, I know... weird combos are my thing. you shoulda seen me in my pregnant days....)

Lunch: 2 oz tuna plain w/ green onion, 2 c. green salad w/ fat free dressing. 5 brussel sprouts, cuke slices plain.

Snack: other 1/2 lemon yogurt

Dinner: Everything has gone to He!! Cut Left thumb down to the muscle trying to cut up a chicken breast and can't cook till bleeding stops. Nothing in fridge that is "safe" to eat. Stop me before I snack!! Ha ha.

Who else?? Check in...


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TIKANAS! Order a salad from a pizza place - QUICKLY! And take care of that finger!


1 egg plus 2 egg whites
1 slice whole wheat (3 grams fiber) toast
2 strips bacon
coffee w/ cream

bowl Claim Jumper French onion soup
Claim Jumper bran muffin (tasted dangerous!)
coffee w/ cream

the head portion of a golden teddy graham cookie (don't laugh - it's all I needed...)

small Danish blue cheese salad
1/2 cup yellow squash soup
a few chunks of pineapple

And I'm having a glass of F@t B@st@rd Chardonay in a while with my DH - at the end of an exhausting day...I doubt this website will let me post the brand name in any other fashion.

Back early tomorrow --- in-laws on the loose! :-/

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I am in for the Christmas exchange too!

B - 1 egg + 1 egg white scrambled with 1 T bacon bits and 1 T Parmesan cheese.
Whole Wheat Pita (5 grams fiber and only 60 calories)
chopped tomato and spinach leaves

L - South Beach Diet (SBD) Whole Wheat Crackers
Low Fat String Cheese

Snack - Apple and a Gingersnap

Dinner - Lean Cuisine Salmon with Basil

Snack - 2 Milky Way Caramels (More than the head of a Teddy Graham, but it was all I needed! LOL)

I did my leg exercises yesterday. Squats, lunges, hip hinges, calf raises and wide legged squats.


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Good Morning All,

Wow, lots going on here! Where to start......

Amy, please take Tikanis' advice and see another doctor.

Maddie, I hope your baby is feeling better. I still have that Santa photo that Amy mentioned!! I am in for the ornament exchange. I will give a new theme some thought. The tacky ornament was fun but done for me. Maybe something Feng Shui.............still thinking.

John, did your job interview go anywhere? I wish I didn't have an appetite!

BJ, glad your DF is doing better. That must feel good. I recently had some FB merlot and it was very nice.

Raeanne, my crystals came yesterday and I hope to get them hung in the appropriate places. They are 50mm Swaroski and they are really beautiful.

DH made it through surgery alright. They did a skin graft and took a big piece from the top of his thigh and moved it down to his shin. We were at the hospital at 6am on Monday morning. He had the Nuclear Med procedure, he was injected with something and they took pictures of his lymph nodes. I am not sure why they do this, perhaps it shows the location for the biopsy. Anyway, he was taken in for surgery at noon and I waited until 5pm before I heard from the surgeon. Long day. It seemed endless to me and I had a hard time concentrating on reading. Just after I talked to the surgeon my DFIL walked in and he was the best thing I had seen since noon!! He's a rock and it was good to have him hear. We had to wait for 2 1/2 more hours before we could see Mark. When we did, he was flying high so we only stayed about 15 minutes. We won't know the results of the biopsies until the end of the week. So now, DH has to sit still for a couple of days and hopefully, he will be released on Friday with some good news to go with him. It's kind of agonizing to wait for this news to say the least.

DFIL took me out to dinner at the Oak Room at the Copley after that. We had a lovely bottle of cabernet and that first glass was the best glass of wine I had ever had!! LOL. I was beat and so hungry. It was a lovely dinner. The Oak Room is a old men's club and it's very comfortable and quiet. Very enjoyable.

I came home yesterday afternoon to meet the hoof trimmer. It was a long drive and traffic was horrible and I got home just in time to meet him. So it was go, go, go until about 8pm when I laid down and passed out! LOL I am going to stay home today and go back down tomorrow. DH will have lots of family visiting today so he won't really miss me.
Big (((((((HUGS))))))) to everyone.

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Suzanne - That was a long time, but I am glad that is behind you for now, although I am sure the next couple of days will feel like an eternity to you. I'm glad that DFIL came and that you had a nice dinner and wine with him - just what the Dr. ordered for you. Your crystals sound beautiful, I'm sure they will be a lovely addition to your home and will fulfill their purpose.

Tikanis - glad to have you back - let us know how the finger is OUCH and YUCK.

Patti - I bet Dave laughs when you say Rabbit, Rabbit to him.

Amy - Let us know how you are feeling and if you decide to go for a 2nd opinion.

John - It has been gorgeous here too. But too cold in the early morning to go kayaking (for me) - I need to get a skirt for it.

BJ - just the head of a Teddy Graham - you are good. That would never satisfy me. How was the in-laws visit to your "office" or should I say the "gardens"?

Marci - I wasn't as bad as you - I had 2 Andes mint candies yesterday.

Maddie - You can count me in for the exchange too - I will try to think of a theme.

Monday's Menu:
B - Smoothy
S - Apple
L - Clam Chowder
S - Peanut Butter Cup & Malted Milk Balls (whoppers) - come on it was Halloween
D - Spareribs and roasted broccoli, applesauce
Exercise: Walked about 2 miles - to nice out to go to the gym.

Tuesdays Menu:
B - Smoothy
L - Large salad with chili
S - 2 Andes chocolate mints - More than the head of a teddy, but less than 2 caramel snickers LOL.
D - Grilled steak and brussel sprouts and a glass of red wine from our trip to the Finger Lakes
Exercise: I walked from 10 to 4 yesterday - SHOPPING - I was exhausted when I got home, not to mention the weight of the bags I lugged around LOL. Only sitting down to have lunch.

Have a great day and remember you have to post those meals!

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Good morning all!

NHSuzanne--(((hugs)))!! Gad, what a long day! I've got everything crossed for good news, and you all are in my thoughts and prayers---

I can't think of anything inspiring for brekky, so I'm going to steal Marci's idea--sounds good, too! :)

Not that I'm going to test this theory, but if Spike is gone, can we type out d@mn, b@st@rd, etc....? Jc! :)

Hope all is well! :)



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Well Maddie, I just tried and it won't let us say Fat Bastar.....

but it will let us get this far. Too funny.

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Bat Fastard.

The Halloween version.....of Chardonay.

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Hi All,

John, Good Luck on the job. You deserve a great job!!!!

NH Suzanne, You DH is in my prayers. Hopefully they will get the test results back soon.

Maddie, IF you only lived closer, you could have had 2 princess's at your door step. 2 1/2 hours to drive was a little much with those dresses. LOL!!! I will send Marci some pics to post.

Amy, I hope you get feeling better.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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I am enjoying reading what is going on here & you know that this is our place of comfort too. This time, I've come to ask for comforting words, please. Over the weekend, we found out that the only brother out of Dave's other 3 brothers that had never been divorced was getting a divorce. Then, our DSIL, & that isn't "dear" comes in on Sunday morning & tells DD that he doesn't love her. They have a DS that isn't even 2 months old. Dave kept saying that things go in 3's. I can hardly stand this as I type it. I got a phone call this a.m. & it had my friend's name on it so I answered it, "Hello, Sweetheart!" It was her husband calling to tell me that she had died on Monday. I was in so much shock that I didn't know what to do or say. Dave was gone & when he got home, I broke down & cried. She was like Alli. I only knew her from the 'Net & the telephone but I knew her. You all know what I mean. He is a Veteran that is fighting to get his benefits, too. She knew that she was sick but she didn't want to worry him. I knew that she was sick but not to that extent. He was exposed to Agent Orange twice & all of the animals that they have had have died & now her. She paid all of the bills & he doesn't even know how to do any of that. Well, sorry that this is so long but please think of him in a positive manner or pray for him & please think of Dave & I too. We are grieving ourselves. Thanks for being my "comfort" place! Patti :)

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Patti, I was happy to see you here, but so sad to read your post. So much grief going around. Be sure I will be including you and your loved ones in my prayers. I don't really know what to say about encouraging words except that you still have those you love and who love you back. That and the divine are what keep us going. The beauty around us means a lot up to a point and then nothing seems to matter anymore. You can talk to the ones who are no longer here, and the relationship continues,though in a different way. You and Dave can hold each other, and that means a lot too. Take care, and I'll be thinking of you.

Two years ago when my potassium dropped to 1.7, I was also diagnosed with metabolic alkalosis. After the initial diagnoses, it was never monitored. Since it can cause heart abnormalities, I'm going to see if I can follow up on that, if nothing else to rule it out. If I do still have it, it can be treated.

I'm also going to have to give up the low carb as my kidneys can't handle the protein anymore and my BUN has been consistently high over the last several months. Unfortunately when I cut my calories, my metabolism drops and I get chronically cold. I guess four years of low carb was all I could handle, and with my current health issues, I just need to focus on eating things that won't put an added strain on my body. My heart rate is still irregular, but at least it was 60 this morning, so that's that's better and not worse.

I'm enjoying the menus and appreciate you all posting them
I'll check in again and keep you updated.

love and aloha

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Today's eats!

Minced ham and scrambled eggs
Coffee w/cream

Heirloom tomatoes with
½ cup low fat cottage cheese
Coffee w/cream (must stay awake!)

-Halibut seasoned with Rub of Love and garlic powder mixed with a little mayo and a smidge of butter, then baked at 350 for about 40 minutes, topped with
A sprinkle of shredded cheddar
-Sliced heirloom tomatoes and sliced red bell peppers
-A ¼ inch thick, 2 ½ inch slice of polenta, sautéed in olive oil
-Salad of mixed spring greens and spinach tossed with
A few walnuts, some blue cheese, dried cranberries and
And a few bow tie pastas thrown in and tossed in an
Olive oil-based light dressing

-5 small chunks of pineapple for dessert

Back tomorrow after the in-laws departÂ

((((((((((((HUGS TO EVERYONE WHO NEEDS THEM!))))))))))))

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Patti - (((((HUGS)))) to you - what a lot to handle all at once, please take care of yourself!

Suzanne - how is DH doing today?

I had to be at art class at 6PM, so I have a very early dinner on Wednesdays, which throws my other meals off a bit.

today's menu:
B - Smoothy
S - Apple and nuts
L - Salad - very light, as I knew I would eat dinner early
S - 2 small pieces of chocolate - I'm just not ready to give it up totally
D - Tuna Salad on greens, chopped asparagus, red peppers and grape tomatoes
S - a slice of just made apple pie - delivered by my girlfriend

Exercise: Very short on time today, walked approximately a mile which included a steep staircase.

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wow... i don't even know where to start. Let me address those who are hurting first.

NH Suzanne, I am glad that DH came through alright. You are right about the injection in nuclear med: it is all about visualizing where to do surgery/ biospsies. I'll bet that you are exhausted!! I am glad that you got a mini relax at the Oak Club. YOU are the one who needs the hugs. here they are ((( HUGS)))


I am so sorry about your bad news! Enough is enough! Are you home this Saturday? I'd love to talk with you again. Prayer coming your way and big ((((HUGS)))) to Dave and you both.

Amy, I hope that you are doing well. Please keep us posted.

John, What's up with the job situation? I HATE interviews... I hope that you are no longer under the weather.

Bj! please prep and forward the other half of the dearly beloved victim ( bottom half the teddy graham) for appropriate disposal here. Ha ha! What the heck is a "Danish bleu cheese salad", anyway? Having a glass of Lambrusco myself tonight...

Marci, You are doing SOooo much better on the exercise front than I, Me??? I need a good swift kick!

Raeanne, I have been thinking about you and your kayak. I keep registering to win on but I have not won yet... Why is that? Go figure! LoL!

Well, seems I cut my thumb (left) right down to the muscle. I put steri strips on it after cleaning it up real well and it is doing well.

I am going crazy with transferring my patient data and my business data to the computer and my PDA. I am feeling a real loss of control. Everything was manageable if not bulky on paper but this is VERY challenging. Raeanne, is anything in retrograde now?? You know how things get around here when that happens.... BASS ACKWARDS!!!


I ate 1 nonfat yogurt all day. Bad yes, but I have had an upset stomach and that's it for today.


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I just lost a long post and don't have time to recompose it.

But I am sending hugs to Patti, good thoughts to NHSuzanne's DH, healing thoughts for Tikanas' thumb, good vibes to Maddie and John for jobs, hoping DeeMarie is having a good time and wishing I could come to BJ's house for dinner some time!

Raeanne - I see your 2 pieces of chocolate and raise you a Hershey's miniature Take5!! LOL

Yesterday's menu:
B - Yogurt Parfait - 4 oz. raspberry yogurt (sweetened with Splenda), 1/2 C Kashi Go Lean Crunch , 1 T sliced almonds, and 1/2 C blueberries.

L - SBD Whole Wheat crackers and string cheese
Green tea

S - Hershey's Miniature Take 5 (sorry, but at least I am being honest)

D - SBD Whole Wheat Crust Grilled Chicken and Veggie Pizza (11 grams fiber and only 300 calories)
Small spinach salad with sweet red pepper and 1 T Greek dressing

S - Small piece of WW Pumpkin Angel Food Cake with Splenda sweetened whipped cream

Lots of water during the day, didn't eat past 7/pm and walked 2 1/2 miles with Leslie Sansone.

BJ - Thanks for getting us started posting menus again.


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1/2 bagel w/light cream cheese (60 cals)
Coffee w/ f/f 1/2 and 1/2
Leftover halibut from last night

1 serving pretzels (110 cals)

Small serving warm seafood (2 salmon chunks, 2 scallops, 2 prawns, and 2 halibut chunks)
Coffee w/ cream
Small veggie plate-cut up red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, white of a boiled egg, and cuc slices

Green salad w/ tomatoes & red bell pepper
Glazed chicken breast (small)
Wild rice 1/2 cup
Green beans

Chopped golden fruit--
(papaya, pineapple, mandarines, mangoes)
Cuppa decaf tea, honey, and lemon

Entertainment: Survivor!

Soon I can jump back in the loop! In-laws leave maybe I can read and post tonight!

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Yesterday's menu:
B - Whole wheat bagel (140 cal and 7 grams fiber)
1 T Natural peanut butter
and half a banana

L - Wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla (100 cal. and 8 grams fiber) 2 oz. turkey, 1/2 oz. swiss cheese with spinach and tomato
Mott's SF strawberry applesauce

S - Sun Chips

D - 1 thin pork chop, long grain & wild rice and Brussel sprouts

S - Decaf chai tea with ff milk and splenda

Not much going on here. Glad the weekend is coming, as I have a sore throat this morning. Probably from the kid who sneezed in my face the other day! I am drinking tea with lemon and honey right now to try and soothe my throat.

Have a good day,

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Hi guys--

Please do me a favor and send good vibes to my furbaby, please. He's been my constant buddy for 16 years, and he needs good thoughts.

So do I--DH (and this *does not* mean Dear Hubby, in this case) is being a royal jerk. At this point, I can hardly stand to be around him.

I'll be back this evening--



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Maddie - (((((HUGS)))) to you and your Furbaby. Hope Rog snaps out of it soon for your sake.

OKAY - I have promised to post my menu's no matter what and here goes - I am so embarrassed to even put this one in writing.

B - Smoothy
L - Salad and Eggplant Rollatini - NO BREAD NO PASTA
D - Nothing
late late night snack or dinner - cheddar flavored popcorn, fritos and milano peppridge farm cookies

The only good thing was that I walked a lot. We had to park far from the home and walk up a hill. Then I walked the length of a large shopping center twice - looking for Tide to Go to remove a stain from lunch LOL.

DH and I went to visit my dad (3 1/2 hour drive). We started out fine, but having a big lunch kept us from wanting dinner at a normal time, so we decided to stop on our way home. We got stuck in traffic for a quite a bit and then I was eager to keep on truckin' and get home for our dog (who needed to be walked sooner than later). We stopped to get gas and I couldn't control myself, I ran in and bought anything I could put my hands on.

Today is a new day and I plan on getting right back on track.

By the time we got to the nursing home, my dad was improved, his lungs were clear and he had no more fever. Although it was good to see him looking okay, I was very prepared for this to be the end of his long 10 years with Alzheimers. Anyhow it turned out to be a very emotional and stressful day and I guess it showed in my food choices.

Tikanis - I am sending you positive thoughts on that kayak - you deserve it!

BJ & Marci - the menus are looking very good and inspiring to me.

Enjoy your day and make better choices than I did yesterday.

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MADDIE! I wanna be in the holiday exchange!
----And ((((((HUGS AND KISSES))))))) to your furry friend. I know how much you love your cat.

1 egg + 2 egg whites
1 strip of bacon

1 serving pumpkin pie, slice (270 cals---yipes!) ---but I really had a craving...!

1 string cheese
Sliced pickles
1/2 a bagel w/
light Philly cream cheese

Roast pork
1 piece of 70 cal white bread ( a mop, really)
Roasted veggies (carrots, brocoli, baby corn, water chestnuts, green beans, and cauliflower)

1 serving pumpkin pie (okay, that's enough for me - I cured myself!) lol.

Late Night Snack:
Golden fruit

Marci~ What brand bagels are those? - they sound WAY better (nutritionally) than the ones I have!

Tikanas: Danish bleu cheese? Hmmmm....I don't know - that's just what it says on the pack!

Raeanne~ KUDOS to you for posting your 'fuel' station stop.

I am thinking twice before I eat things these days, knowing I'll have to post them!!! I hope to LOSE or MAINTAIN my weight over the holidays by doing this. And so far, it's working.

Long day at work tomorrow. Then a house warming party at 8pm- any ideas for gifts???? I am at a loss for ideas for these people. He HATES clutter and she is EXTREMELY sentimental. HELP!

I'll check in on Saturday for a bit to see if anyone answers my plea!

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Tikanis~We won't be home tomorrow. Our friends asked us to go to see Brenda Lee with them.

Maddie~[[[[H U G S]]]] to your fur-baby.

Dave's uncle passed away this a.m. so we don't know if it is starting another set of 3 or not. I called the friend's husband to make sure that he was taking his medicine & eating & he said that there were 3 of us checking up on him & to please not stop. (He is so sick himself). And, her family was so selfish that they wouldn't take him to see her at the hospital for the 2 weeks that she was there or to the funeral. Her Mom wrote out the obit & it was awful. One of the girls on the 'Net asked if she could please write it & thankfully they let her. I know that she is at peace now. And, he has a new young lawyer that is really ready to tackle his case & win it too. So...

I think that the menus are looking good too. We couldn't eat good today b/c we were on the road from 6:30 a.m. to about 5:00 p.m. We did have a couple of stops before we went to the Tampa VA hospital.

ta-ta Patti :)

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Good Saturday Morning!

Yesterday's Menu:
B - Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal, flaxseed, skim milk and 1/2 a banana

L - Wrap made with whole wheat tortilla, 2 oz. lean turkey, 1/2 oz. Swiss cheese, spinach and mustard
1 choc. chip cookie (co-worker brought them in and I didn't want to seem rude! LOL)

S - Mott's strawberry applesauce (saved from lunch)

D - Forgot to eat! DH had to go into work and I just got busy doing other things

S - Sun chips - too many to count :~(
That's what I get for not eating dinner.

Walked 2 miles with Leslie Sansone.

Patti - Hugs to you and Dave both. Sorry to hear about his uncle. Were they close? Can you go to the funeral?

Maddie - Hugs to you and your furbaby! And tell Roger to snap out of it right now!!! Or he will have to answer to us! LOL

BJ - They are Thomas' Carb Consider Bagels. They are smaller than other bagels, only 140 calories, 100% whole wheat, only 25 calories from fat and 7 grams of fiber. Along with a small amount of peanut butter, it keeps me satisfied for the 5 hours between breakfast and lunch.

Jen - I got the new pictures and they are in the album.

There is also a picture of DeeMarie, NHSuzanne and Raeanne from when they met recently.

DH and I are going to ACE Hardware this morning to look at tools. Can you say exciting! NOT But I told him he has to take me out to breakfast, so that will even things out.

Gotta finish getting ready.

Have a good day,

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Marci - don't laugh, but I love hardware stores. I always vounteer to go with DH, just to browse around. Especially a real old hardware store that has a little bit of everything.

Patti - (((((HUGS AGAIN)))) Wow you two have been dealing with way too much lately. Hang in there.

BJ - what did you come up with for a gift. A girlfriend of mine gave me a basket filled with Feng Shui items (but you can't just give that to anyone LOL). Not knowing the people a nice welcome mat, mailbox or birdfeeder might work.

B: Fruit salad
S: Small handful of nuts
L: 1/2 sandwich, tuna on pumpernickel, 1 pickle - ate light as I knew I was having a big dinner
S: Small hershey bar - I am gradually weaning myself
D: Salad with sundried tomato dressing, pork schnitzel, red cabbage, applesauce and 1/2 potato pancake, 2 glasses of a delicious cabernet sauvignon.

I didn't have one free minute for exercise yesterday. But I am planning on taking a walk at lunchtime today. I also ordered the Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs this morning. I saw an infomercial and it looked like fun to me. I did a search on eBay and saved myself $10. They said I would get them right away and on the infomercial it is a 2 to 3 week wait - I can't wait that long LOL.

It is a beautiful day today and I wish I didn't have to work (even though I'm not right now LOL).

Have a wonderful weekend and keep those menus coming.

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Happy Birthday NHSuzanne!

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Oops - jumped the gun! NHSuzanne's birthday isn't until 11/20.

Now you have plenty of time to practice your singing! (You know who "you" are! LOL)

It's KYSusie's birthday. So if you are reading this KYSusie............. Happy Birthday!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NHSuzanne! YAY! It's your birthday! I hope that your family finds a way to make it very, very special for you! We love you here and are glad to hear your stories, detailing your outings on your baby, Sweet Pea. Hope you have some time today to spend doing something for YOURSELF, since your recent time has been so devoted to your DH. Cheers to you, sis! Have a great b-day! It's been quite a year!

Marci~ Thanks for the cool picture! Very appropriate!

1/2 bagel (but I'm going hunting for Marci's brand Monday!)
16 oz latte, n/f milk, s/f vanilla

Bag of pretzels: 220 cals
Coffee w/ cream

Late lunch at 3:30 (service went long):
Lots of roasted veggies and a tiny piece of roast pork left over from the other night

(went to a housewarming party)
About 6 rice crackers with homemade hummus - delish!
Small square of phyllo-covered spinach something
3 sausages (small cocktail type - "Danger!")
Lots of cucumber slices

The icing off of a 2" serving of chocolate cake
Some red grapes

Water, water, water, water!
(Lots of wine flowing at this party, but I did not go there-stuck with spending my calories on food instead of wine and this morning, I'm glad I did that!)

Going out to brekky with my family, then I hope to finish laundry and scoop my house into order!

Also, my teen kids babysat twin boys all night for the house-warming couple and I hear them stirring, so before brekky, I have to return the boys to their parents! So fun having boys in the house tho'!

Maddie~ (((((LOVE AND HUGS!))))))) Special thoughts going out to you and your kitty today---and every day. And tell Rog to GO SUCK A LEMON!

Raeanne: I resorted to printing a cute photo I had of the housewarming couple and framing it, then wrapped it in a ribbon and DH brought along a bottle of Berritage wine for them.
I love your idea of a Feng Shui basket, but you're right, it takes a certain kind of person! That would be a great idea for the holiday exchange HERE though---something with a Feng Shui twist!

DeeMarie~ Miss you, love you, can't wait till you're back! And I'm never giving up---!

Tikanas~Hope your finger is healing nicely. Be careful out there!

Everyone have a RELAXING Sunday! Mind your menus!

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OKAY, FINE! I posted right after Marci posted NHSuzanne's bday! Save that thought, NHSuzanne! -- LOL!


KYSUSIE! Happy Birthday, Mary Kay girl! We miss you here! I know you'll be checking in on your ole buddies to see if we remembered your birthday! :) I hope things are going well for you and you are being successful in life, love, and career! Your kids must be getting pretty grown up and we'd love some pics! (hint, hint!) Have yourself a great day and enjoy the Kentucky weather!

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Hello Big Echo Canyon!

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(Breakfast at a restaurant)
3 eggs scrambled w/
Louisiana sausage, green peppers, & onion
Tomato slices instead of toast or potatoes
Slice of watermelon
Couple bites of my kid's pancake
Coffee w/cream

All Bran Honey Oat Bar (130 cals, 5 g fiber)
--these are packaged bars that come in a box and are good tasting and filling for a quick snack! Look for them on the cereal aisle.

Sliced Brie cheese (250 cals)
2 mugs of Matagascar Red Vanilla decaf tea

1/2 a roasted chicken breast w/ a thin apricot glaze
Cucumber, onion, and red pepper mix marinated in a vinegar/Splenda/salt dressing

1/2 a Sara Lee "Delightful 100% Whole Wheat" bagel (65 cals) w/
a slim pat of yogurt-based butter and a tiny squeeze of my honey bear...

Marci: My grocery store doesn't carry the Thomas bagels you mentioned, but carries Sara Lee whole wheat
(1 bagel=130 cals--7 grams fiber--10 grams protein)
so I'll try to switch my household over to these. We'll see how it works!

GADFREY!!!! As I was writing this, the hostess of the housewarming party called and said she left spinacopita (sp), cookies, and hummus in my milk box. Give me strength through the holidays! :)

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