Daily Diet/Exercise Journal - JULY

kathyg7777June 30, 2004

A new month is here and where is everyone?

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Well, my GardenWeb subscription is up and I've decided it's not worth renewing. I used to post almost every day but stopped because most of the time I feel like I'm talking to myself. So, to whomever is left, which as far as I know is just Superbee (maybe), good luck to you!

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I am sorry you won't be renewing. I was away camping in Maine during these past few days. I understand that some of the forums are very slow, I also am unhappy about that but I guess this is the kind of thing in which how active a forum is depends on the level of interest in the topic :(

Thanks much for your support Kathy, during my efforts to keep on exercising. I will miss you.



I accidentally discovered the Kitchen Table on this site sometime ago and I find that it is really active and has a wonderful bunch of folks.

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Sorry that you will not be renewing your subscription. You will be missed. I wish you the best of luck!
I have no excuse for not posting anymore, except.... that I haven't been dieting and exercising, which I am totally ashamed of! I think a person only posts when they are proud of theirselves, but they don't want to tell all the bad.
I also think that summer is really slow on the board. People are vacationing, gardening and doing all kinds of activities.
Best of luck to you, Kathy! Wanda

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