Advice for eating post HCG diet, anyone with failure stories?

sherrieberrieOctober 18, 2010

OK, so in my first week of being on the HCG diet injections (no lectures, i wont read them anyway, you are waisting your time) I have lost 7lbs. I am really excited because it has always been hard for me to lose weight. I am not that overweight and most of what I need to lose is from being pregnant with my 3rd child. My question is, are there any people out there who have failure stories about hcg? I'm a little nervous about gaining the weight back after I stop the shots. I know I need to continue the 500cal diet for 3 days after the shots but does anyone have any good advice for eating after? Is it okay to just go with a low cal diet or do I need to eat certain foods? I don't really have time to read the pounds and inches book right now (taking several online classes) so any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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For 3 weeks you should ideally follow the "maintenance phase" in order to allow your body to stabiliaze at your new weight. After your 3 days of eating 500 calories once discontinuing the HCG, you can start to eat other foods, but avoid sugars and starches whenever possible. They say it is imperative to weigh yourself every day, without fail, and if you gain more than 2 pounds, have a "steak day". This means, you go all day without eating anything, but drinking as much of the allowable liquids as you want. Then, for dinner you have a huge steak with either a raw tomato or an apple. This must be done on the day your weight goes above 2 pounds from your final weight on the HCG. I have not gotten to this phase yet but this was the information I was given with my HCG order (I am using the sublingual homeopathic HCG drops).
Good luck!

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Thanks and good luck!

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