How to strengthen hands

Ginny_CaJune 3, 2003

Do you know where I can find out about exercises to strengthen my hands? I have a hard time opening jars sometimes. I know it will get worse if I don't start doing something. Thanks!!

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Ginny -
It's not just your hands ... it's everything from the waist up. You have to start with upper body strength in general (shoulders), and exercises for upper and lower arm strength.

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Most exersizes for the hand involve squeezing something, a rubber ball, a pair of handles connected by a spring etc. You can find these gadgets in the sports supply stores.

But if it is just opening jars what I do is take a pointy spoon, slide it under the edge of the top and lift a little. ( lift in the direction that pulls the top away from the jar so air can escape ) This breaks the air seal and the jar opens easily. There are gadgets for opening jars at the cooking store as well.

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