clothes are getting to tight HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

woodnyJune 24, 2002

I have just started doing aerobics again and I seem to be gaining weight. I know that when you first start to work out you usually will because the muscle weighs more than fat and you are replacing the fat with muscle. But my problem is that My clothes are getting tighter I am gaining bulk and my weight is actually staying the same. Anyone know why or what I can do to prevent this from happening?

Or can anyone suggest a good aerobics tape?

I can not go to a gym, it has to be something I can do at home. I have tried almost everything and can't seem to lose any weight. I have weighed the same for 4 years, since I lost, most, the pregnancy weight after I had my last child. I eat a well balanced diet. I cook as lowfat as possible. I do not eat fast food. I do not drink alcohol, coffee, tea or soda and I do not smoke. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Try keeping a diary of everything, and I mean everything, you eat and drink during a day. Do this for a couple of days. Then look at what you are eating.

Are any items unusually high in carbs/calories? High in fat? Too few dairy products, protein or high fiber products?

I did this last year, and my breakfast was what was throwing my whole day off. Two envelopes of instant quaker flavored oatmeal, which I thought was healthy. But they put so many additives and sugar in there, I was eating a lot of calories and carbs.

I also have this problem. Stubborn post-pregnancy pounds, etc. I started doing Pilates in April, which has been helpful. I got support from the Diet Forum gals, and other online buddies. And I started Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago. It is working so far, and it hasn't been that hard. I'm lucky, I have a DH who likes to eat right, so I don't get tempted.

Keep up the aerobics, and try a food diary for two days. You might also talk to your doctor. There are rare instances where pounds are stubborn due to a medical reason. But my guess is there are some calories hiding in your day, that are causing the clothes to fit tight.

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Sounds like your muscles are retaining water which is normal when you first start working out. Keep it and keep your water in take up. Flush the fat cells. Your body will release the water soon -

Sometimes if you are on the same old eating plan for a very long time, your body adjust to it. Maybe you need to keep it guessing a bit and play around with calories a bit. How many calories are you eating a day? Could be you need to add or subtract. Karen has a great suggestion. Write it down and trackit in (its free) -

Good luck and come over to the Diet thread.


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Well, maybe I found my answer, I'm 47 , I quit smoking on April 1. I do the 3mile walk video every day. Plus sometimes I fit in another 30 min. walk or a 15 min
walk . I have gained 5 pounds! I know you gain when you quit smoking. But , Iwould like to see some kind of results on the scales!For now, all I am getting is firmer fat!No carb diets just don't work for me . I do better on a low fat But , maybe my body is adjusting to so many changes
(no nicotine & areboics)Which is what the walk away tapes are. Maybe, it will give in and give me some results soon

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Don't worry about low-carb. just make sure to keep a diary for a couple of days, and see if you have a spike in calories or carbs that may be being overlooked.
Not only did I find my oatmeal spike when I did this last year, but I found that I was eating things and mentally not counting them. Hard to explain but you know, things like Arby's horsey sauce (I said to myself, horseradish is not bad for you. But when I researched it, I found that they make it with mayo and I was adding way too much, and ignoring it because it was a condiment).

Only take a day or two of diary-ing a typical day (everything that goes in the mouth) to help find a potential spike.

Good luck! And yes, you may not lose right away, if you just quit smoking. One of my fellow WW who just joined, joined because she quit smoking in Jan and gained 10 pounds, and wanted to get it off before it became a permanent gain :-) So far, she's lost 4 of the 10!

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