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Wild_ChickenOctober 1, 2007

Hi Guys!

Checking in...


Well, today, I gotta get moving and clean up my laundry room. It looks like a clothing train wreck!

-Yard guy is coming over to help me clean out the back yard---we did the front a couple weeks ago.

It's raining, raining, raining. Everything's wet! No flip-flops here---just webbed feet!

Only 10 more days until I get my final checkup and then I can go back to the flight surgeon and see if he'll sign me off so I can fly again. Fingers crossed-please-everyone.

Raeanne~Well, I completed DAY 4 on Carb Addicts. I really plan my reward meal, I tell ya. I stick out my little cup of Cap'n Crunch cereal, or a small portion of some other goodie to remind myself that if I stay on track till dinner, I can have it! I have been drinking a lot of tea and water to stay full. And eating celery to stave off my need to have crunchy food in my mouth.

DeeMarie: 80's prom, eh? BIG hair! Pumps! (With jeans, with minis, with EVERYTHING) Leg warmers. Shell pink glossy lipstck. Acid-washed anything. Blue mascara. Big earrings...and...

The music of the 80's:

Mickey - Toni Basil

Centerfold - J. Geils Band

C'est La Vie - Robbie Nevil

Rock Me Tonite - Billy Squier

Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band

Promises, Promises - Naked Eyes

Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

Only The Lonely - The Motels

Never Surrender - Corey Hart

Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson

Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) - Glass Tiger

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina And The Waves

Miss Me Blind - Culture Club

Morning Train (Nine To Five) - Sheena Easton

Shattered Dreams - Johnny Hates Jazz

(I Just) Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew

Don't Shed A Tear - Paul Carrack

Get It On (Bang A Gong) - The Power Station

Destination Unknown - Missing Persons

Election Day - Arcadia

Man, that's gonna be F-U-N! :)

Besh~The dinner went really well; the girls were very nice. The game (after the dinner) was great but we lost---however, we haven't won any games this year, so no surprise.

Patti: Check in. You always check in on the first of the month!

NHSuzanne~ How was the trail ride?

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Rabbit, Rabbit..............BJ, you beat me too it! What on earth are you doing up at that hour? My trail ride was fabulous and I have been working on an article that I will share here when I am takes time to put it all together.

Dee, I will always think of the 80's as a big hair era, especially with rock bands. (My music of choice)

Bruce Springsteen
Van Halen
Billy Joel
The Police
Phil Collins
Guns N' Roses
Def Leppard
Dire Straits
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Bon Jovi
Talking Heads
Duran Duran
Motley Crue
John Couger Mellencamp
REO Speedwagon
Tina Turner
Ozzy Osbourne
Bryan Adams
Pat Benatar
Billy Idol
Peter Gabriel
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
The Cars
ZZ Top
David Bowie
Bob Seger
The Pointer Sisters
Fleetwood Mac
Paul McCartney
Tracy Chapman
Cyndi Lauper
Culture Club
Men at Work
Pink Floyd
Robert Palmer
Steve Winwood
Simply Red
Rick James
Joan Jett
Stevie Nicks
The Pretenders
Quiet Riot
Crosby Stills Nash (& Young)
Simple Minds
Bonnie Raitt
10,000 Maniacs
Eric Clapton
Twisted Sister
John Lennon
Black Sabbath
Alan Parsons Project

And let's not foregt leggings!!! What were we thinking about??? LOL

I had two marvelous drives with the Divine Miss Pea this weekend. We worked on bending in both directions and transitions of pace, i.e., walk, trot, working trot, extended trot. She was so beautiful and so responsive and this is her letting me know that she really likes this job. I love it.

I also marked trails for the ride/drive that my driving club, GSCA is hosting this weekend. I am praying for good weather and early reports indicate that it wil be. Keep your fingers crossed.

How was your weekend?

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Happy rabbit, rabbit

BJ - sounds like you are doing well staying on track - congrats. I think a house full of cheerleaders would've led me to disaster LOL.

Suzanne - seems you were a bit of a rocker in the 80's LOL. I was out of school by then, but I remember my younger sister's experiencing the rocker's against the disco kids in high school - I can't remember what they called them. I have my fingers crossed for you for a weekend just like this past one.

A pretty quiet weekend for me, yesterday DH and I went for a nice kayak ride on a small lake near us - we were the only ones out there, the water was like glass and the air was crisp but the sun warmed us enough to keep us from getting cold. This is definitely my time of year.

Hope to hear from everyone this weekend!

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Time zone, NHSuzanne; it was only 10:30pm here on the west coast! (hee hee)

Here's what's happening about 10 minutes away from my place...Ty's in town! I'm thinking I might have to go see him...once is never enough and it's been a few

Here is a link that might be useful: Extreme Makeover in town!

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BJ - My hairdresser's cousin was the finale show last season. It was on for 2 hours. Her house is about an hour south of me. My hairdresser got to go and say "MOVE THAT BUS" and to a party during the airing. The cousin raised adopted children that are HIV infected. I just looked at the book you sent me with Ty's autograph LOL.

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Raeanne, my rocker days started long before the 80's LOL I just remember the "big hair" bands were really rocking then. I remember the headbands and long hair........can we say Van Halen? I can see you gliding along in your kayak!

BJ, 10:30 EST is still way past my bedtime! LOL

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Well, well, well. It appears that some people started the party early this morning!

Rabbit, rabbit. Wanted to start this at 4:00am this morning when I got up; but I said "they will think you are nuts!" Look who was here 1/2 hour later! LOL!!! BJ, you are up to your old self again (squeezing 26 hours out of a day).

OK, today I've started the 561st diet of my life. Just healthful eating per the nutritionist. Let's see if I can drop some fat off this tremendous hiney!!!

Thanks for all the suggestions on the party. Will bring them along to the meeting tomorrow. I'm still not convinced this is the way to go. We are extremely diverse here...with many employees born in India, China, Russia, Poland, Latin America, and England. Not sure they will "get" it, but we'll see.

This was a bad weekend for sports around here. Rutgers, Mets, Jets....I have a headache.


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Dee, 4 am is my waking hour! We could have talked early before everyone else got up! Your diverse culture may not "get" the 80's thing. Were there other theme suggestions?

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Suzanne, I'm not sure the committee is sold on 80's yet, so maybe I can talk them out of it. We had a hugely successful "western cowboy" theme for a family picnic about 15 years ago. Not sure you could weave it into the holiday, but the foreign-born really loved those hats and bandanas!

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Even though I'm late I am gonna say rabbit rabbit!

BJ, glad to see you back again! Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health.

Suzanne, you had a gorgeous weekend for your ride, glad you enjoyed it.

Raeanne, perfect weather for a kayak ride too. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons.

Dee, you did have a bad sports weekend so I won't rub it in and mention that team whose name starts with a P. FYI the Smithville Oktoberfest is this weekend. I'll be interested in seeing how you do following the nutritionist's plan.

The 80's - I think big hair, Van Halen and Kiss (off the top of my head).

Where the heck is everyone on a Monday??

Got to run, will check in later.


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Hi all--

All this talk about the 80s has brought back some great memories. I graduated HS in '80, and I so clearly remember going to the discos, the blow-back bangs, the Bonnie Bell lip gloss, guys with perms. Those were the days.

And I was remembering all of this this also this morning. I got word that a friend from HS had a massive heart attack Thursday and died. He was a great guy--he liked everyone, and everyone liked him--he had a smile that could light up a room, and he was kind. I can still see him in the sunlight, after school, getting in his Z-28, catcalling to the other guys on the basketball team--always joking around. I saw him a couple of years ago--he had met and married a lovely woman, and was just so happy and so in love. He couldn't have kids, but he loved hers like they were his own, and again, his smile just lit the room up. He's gone now, and I think that the world is just a bit colder tonight.

Gad--I'm just so sad tonight.


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Maddie~ I feel your sadness. Being sentimental, you know, it never gets any easier to experience death. His wife and her children would love to hear what you just wrote---lovely memories. Please put them to paper and mail them off to her...

Yesterday, I was listening to Seal's music and his lyrics to his song titled "Human Being":

"Tell me is it death you feel

That will bring you peace of life

We're mere human beings

We die...

It's destined........ "

We're here on earth for such a short time, aren't we?

Maddie, don't forget to keep checking in and let us know how you're getting through process of grief and acceptance.

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Maddie, I am so sorry to hear of your friends loss. We had a dear friend pass a couple of weeks ago from the exact same thing. DH saw him the night he died and he was fine. He went home, started having chest pains and then died in the ambulance. I feel so terrible for his wife. It is hard to even think about. (((HUGS)))

Dee, I feel bad about your teams. It is hard when things don't go the way you would like. I won't mention anything about what the Red Sox and Patriots have been doing lately. LOL

Well I had the most incredible surprise this weekend. Saturday morning DH got me out of the house to feed ducks in the backyard. I thought it was kind of weird at the time, but did not really think much more of it. When we got back in the house, DS and DIL were sitting in the kitchen! They came up from VA for the weekend. We had such a great time. We had a lobster/clam/crab bake Saturday night, went to DS #2 football game and my Mom also came down. They flew home Sunday night. It feels so good to have my "fix" of them. What a great surprise. :-)

When I think of the 80's I think of athletic wear (Olivia Newton John - "Let's get physical"), Michael Jackson, and babies and mortgages! We built our house in 1983 and DS #1 was born in 1984!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Hi Guys!

Maddie~ I hope you are okay today. Reflection always helps. Memories are somewhat comforting...take care of yourself and check in with us.

I am starting Day 6 on Carb Addicts and weighed in to see if it's doing anything...3 pounds down. (yay) I am not too very surprised, as I was consuming an ungodly amount of carbs and junk whilst I was depressed and gained more weight than I want to declare! I think my body is in shock from the healthy food I'm eating now.

I'm off to the doc with my poor DD. DD#2 had a large glass bottle fall on her foot last night. We bandaged it, but at 3AM, she was in mucho pain, so we're headed to the doc at see if it's worse than we thought. Her toes look like they're in pretty bad shape. The sad part is that she is supposed to be in a stunting group next Friday night for Homecoming...she's going to be a wreck if she doesn't get to do that...and she might have to wear flip flops instead of heels with her stunning Homecomnig dress. arg. Is everything REALLY the way it's supposed to be???? :-)

It is really windy and RAINY here. I'm list-making again. Lots to do...

Besh! What a GREAT surprise! Man, that family of yours is a good one! How fun! Speaking of Olivia Newton-John, I went to see her a couple years ago. She was really nice and mentioned that she detested the "Physical" song---one of her biggest hits---I thought that was funny!


QOD: How are YOU getting physical this week?

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QOD: Sunday--walked to and from DBIL house with DH; about 2 miles round trip. That's a huge deal for DH! Last evening, took an hour fitness class here at the office with toning, cardio, and stretching mixed together. Lots of fun. Tonight perhaps a shorter walk with DH. Tomorrow, 30 minute circuit class in the fitness center. Thursday, nothing planned but may take the lunchtime "stair climb" at the office. A group meets in the lobby and walks each hall and takes each staircase (total of over 20 minutes as there are 3 large buildings connected; 3 stories each for a total of 6-7 staircases. No need to change clothes; show up in your sneakers. Great fun and you get to meet new people from the corporation all the time!

[[[[[[[[[[[[Maddie]]]]]]]]] You need some super hugs today. When death strikes someone our age, it can really affect us for awhile. I have a childhood friend who is now close to the end. :-(

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News Flash! Just got out of the holiday party meeting. They have agreed to make it strickly "prom night" with a theme of ---Company Name High School Prom----- You can dress from any era, so it should be fun. We had the DJ at the meeting who had lots and lots of ideas. Too many to list now; gotta run off to another meeting.

Thanks for all the ideas; they were great!

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QOD: I'm going to the gym to walk w/a friend today. Yard work most of tomorrow--someone's coming to help me; Friday's a gym day again. Hope to stay motivated with the exercise...


Well, DD#2's foot was not broken, but she has a pretty huge bandage. They drilled 2 holes in her toe nail to relieve pressure and wrapped it up. No closed-toed shoes for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, she says, she'll be able to wear heels for the Homecoming dance...!

It was SO blustery yesterday here, with LOTS of rain. I'm hoping I get some decent weather for tearing up the yard tomorrow. I hope we don't have another winter blast wind storm like last year. But at least everyone is stocked up on supplies THIS year. Having the power out for 6 days (last year) does that to a person!

I'm off to Ortho, then meeting GF, then back. Kids get out of school at 1 every Wednesday. So then swim team and movie club for the kids.

DeMarie~ Sounds like your company is a fun one. So you have to tell us what you're dressing up in!

Check in! How's it going this week?

(((((((((((HUGGLES, Maddie.)))))))))

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OK, I need a reliable site to buy a vintage (plus size) prom dress. Have a plea over at the sewing forum for a pattern so I can make one in an emergency. Any help appreciated!

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DeeMarie: I was SOOOOO tempted to send you link to a "Carrie" prom dress costume site, fake-blood-spattered and all, but I couldn't bring myself to negotiate the cut-n-paste part of it! Remember that movie?

But, seriously, it's a great time of year to check out the costumes shops. You could pull something together "Vintage" from there, and probably a save some $$$ in the process!

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Hey there! Already found a dress on Amazon from the 1950's! I decided to go really back in time! Strapless black (comes with optional straps and shawl). Will wear it with a rhinestone barret in my hair and June Cleaver pearls. Maybe I'll get long gloves. Whadda ya think? LOL!! Told DH that he has to come to this party this year (we normally leave our spouses home!). DH will wear a traditional dark suit, white shirt, and a funky 50's tie (maybe with Elvis on it?)

I looked at the stuff from the early 70's and realized that I just can't pull the look off with my body type now, and I want to feel comfortable dancing.

QOD: How are you all coming along with your plans to shake it this week? So far, I've kept to my commitments and noticed that I slept really well last night.

Check in please!

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Hi Guys!

DeeMarie~ It's great that you found something! How's your niece doing working at the daycare, BTW? Was it up her alley?

As far as the exercise deal goes, my "shakin' it" was walking 45 minutes yesterday, then last night, I mopped the floors: kitvhen, eating area, entry way, and long hall. Felt good and I slept well too! Today is some heavy-duty yard work, pulling some yews, rhodies, and trying to conquer the Himalayan blackberries that infiltrating the yard from the green belt behind my place! I really can't wait till I'm cleared to fly again. :-)

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Good Thursday morning all,

BJ and Maddie, its good to see you both posting here! You are missed always.

((((((((Maddie))))))))) I am sorry about your friend. You really should write the note that BJ suggested. I am sure his wife would really appreciate the kind thoughts and memories.

Besh, that was a nice surprise! I like the duck decoyÂÂÂ.lol And yes, remember the leggings of the 80Âs. Good lord.

Dee, I love the prom idea but I donÂt like the Carrie theme. That movie made me feel very sad because she was ridiculed so badly. Kids can be so mean. Besides, you wouldnÂt look good covered in blood. Ugh And Gee Mrs. Cleaver, will you send us a photo of the great outfit you will be wearing? I saw on GMA that Leave it Beaver is (the show) is 50 years old now! WOW I love the idea of your outfits(s).

Okay ladies, I have been keeping a secret from you all. I am not sure why, probably I have been afraid of failure. BUT back in mid-July I started dieting in earnest using WW on line and just really watching what I eat and not drinking any wine  NONE. By early August I had lost 10 lbs. Tuesdays are my weigh in day which I do at home and record on lineÂÂÂÂ.well, on Tuesday, I have officially lostÂÂÂÂÂdrum roll pleaseÂÂÂÂ20LBS!!!! I am so happy. I have lost two dress sizes. Now, I still have at least 10 more to go and I know as I get closer to my goal the harder it gets but I am so resolved right now. Really, really resolved. I have not been able to lose weight in a long time and I am now thoroughly convinced that wine is the main culprit!! Can you imagineÂÂÂ.wine. Damn. So thatÂs my big news.

I have other newsÂÂÂDSS has announced his engagement to a girl that I am not nuts about. They are planning a June 2008 wedding and plans are well under way. I am trying to like her but I just donÂt see her as the "right" girl for Joe. I know you might be thinking  is anyone good enough  well, in a word, yes. I was crazy about his last girlfriend and I canÂt call this a rebound because too much time has lapsed. SoÂ..

QOD: For all you MILÂs how do I make myself like her? I have invited her to lunch to discuss wedding things (for fun not for my input) and she is always busy. Any other advice besides just grin and bear it??? LOL

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WTG, Suzanne!!!! 20 pounds is FANTASTIC! Congratulations to one of our biggest losers!

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SUZANNE!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

YOU ARE AMAZING! I could never keep that info a secret! And your will power is to be envied!

We are all cheering for you to continue on the plan and reach your goal...

When that happens, I think we should throw a big party here! Go for it, girlfriend!


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NHSuzanne - You deserve to feel good!! Congratulations! Keep that resolve and stay strong going into the holiday season!

Maddie - Hope you are feeling okay and dealing with your classmate's death. I have a good friend who has advanced cancer and I don't know how much longer she has. It just makes me so sad.

DeeMarie - You will be gorgeous in that outfit. Definately go for the gloves.

We had a psychologist come into preschool today to observe the "problem" child. (I have resolved to stop calling her Devil Child) The speech therapist and the psychologist both say she needs intervention. Now we just need to decide what is best for this child. I hope the necessary changes happen quickly, because I am not sure how much more of her behavior we can take. Not to mention what it is doing to the class itself. But at least we are heading in the right direction and we have started the process that will help her.

I haven't been posting much lately because I come home and really feeled drained. I haven't been sleeping because I can't stop thinking about this little girl. So hopefully we will get her placed where she can get some help and things will start to improve.


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Maddie - (((((HUGS))))) I agree with the others that you should send that note - it was a beautiful sentiment.

Marci - I am so happy that this child may be getting the help that she needs - you are wonderful to be going through this process for her.

Suzanne - what can I say - you cease to amaze me. You must be feeling your "oats" these days. Don't worry about the future Mrs. there is nothing you can do about it anyways and things sometimes have a way of working out for the best.

I say we all raise a celery stick in celebration of Suzanne's loss!!! WTG

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(Madly waving a stalk of celery here--) YIPEEEEE Suzanne! Congratulations & Woooooohooooo!!! ((((hugs))))

and hi all--

Thanks for the kind words--I was so down when I was here last. I've started to take Beege's advice and write her a note. I've found some pics of our last reunion, and I'm making copies and sending them as well. I think since we were such a small class (84), and we all knew each other so well, we're still like family in so many ways.

Dee--I would definately get the gloves--have you tried a vintage clothing shop? You'll hafta send Marci pics so she can post--

Marci--I know what you mean--I come home just drained--we have our external auditors coming in next week to start prelims, and things are ummmm... not good at corporate. We also are having the state medicaid folks in in November. **That** should be just loads of fun.

I've just finished reading "Veil of Roses" about a Muslim woman that comes to the US before she is to be married. Lite reading, but fun. I think my next book is going to be "Night" by Elie Wiesel. (A bit of a contrast, here.)

Things are about the same here--I'm just mighty grateful that tomorrow is Friday! :):)



(BJ--thanks for the call, and I'm sorry I missed you--that was the night I was so down, and I could have used your sweet voice--(((((hugs, my sister!!))))

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Suzanne, you are such a loser.......... :-)


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and.............. Happy Anniversary!

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Good Friday morning all!!!

Crunch,crunch, crunch......really enjoying my celery. Thanks!
Thanks for the accolades! I hope I didn't jinx myself for posting it here since I have at least 10Lbs to go.... I have 4 5LB bags of sugar on my counter to remind me of how much I have lost..........

Marci, I had no idea this child was so bad that she needed intervention. Wow, sorry you have had to deal with that but I am glad it's you because she might not get the care she needs otherwise. I hope things go well and I hope you get some rest this weekend. Losing sleep over it is not good for you. Are you able to do some yoga to help you unwind in the evening? Just a few minutes of breathing exercises and a few relaxing postures may help you sleep better. Try these breathing exercises:

2-to-1 breathing

This breathing pattern relaxes the body by subtly stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby inducing a state of relaxation.

As you lie in bed, gently slow down the rate of exhalation until you exhale for twice as long as you inhale. You can coax a longer exhalation by contracting the abdomen slightly.

Dont try to fill or empty or empty the lungs completely you are simply changing the rhythm of your breath.

In the beginning it may help to count to six on the exhalation and three on the inhalation, or four on the exhalation and two on the inhalation (or any other 2-to 1 ratio you find comfortable).

Focus on the smoothness and evenness of your breath, gradually eliminating any jerks and pauses.
Counting Breaths

Using the effortless 2-to-1 pattern described above, lie in bed and pay close attention to you breath. It should flow smoothly, evenly, and continuously. When the pattern is well established, take:

* 8 breaths lying on your back
* 16 breaths lying on your right side
* 32 breaths lying on your left side

Very few people complete this exercise. Sweet dreams!

Try the 8 poses in the link below. I do the child's pose each night and it helps immensely.

Raeanne, I know I can't do anything about it. Ommmmmmmmm but I want to find a comfortable place with her. I know it will all work out just the way it's supposed to! Beside, alot can happen in 9 months!!

Maddie, you should try those breathing exercises and yoga poses too Sister! Night sounds very like very painful reading to me. Let us know how it is. I am glad you are writing the will help you go through the grieving process.

BJ, thanks for your words of support. You sisters are all great!

Besh, I know, I AM such a loser! Have you watched the Biggest Loser? IT's a great show.

Today I am leaving at noon to go to the ride/drive that I host in my town of Hancock, NH for my driving club. It's going to be a splendid weekend which is great. Unfortunately, due to drought, the foliage is mediocre at best right now. Plus we haven't had a hard frost yet which is an essential ingredient to fall color. Sweet Pea will be styling as her cart is back from repair and actually looks brand new! It's much lighter than the old cart which we've had to use so she will be very happy with the lighter load.

If I don't get a chance to check in again............I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.

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Happy Birthday Maddie,

I had no idea when I was posting that it was such an important day!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day and do something special just for you. I also hope this celebration goes all weekend, all month, all year!! Wishing you much happiness - you deserve it sister!

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Oops and Happy Anniversary too of course my dear!

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Wow, such a special, special day!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and Anniversary) to you
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and Anniversary) to you
HAPPY BIIIIIIIRRRRRTTTTTHHHDAAAAAAY (and Anniversary) dear sweet (always makes me laugh) MAAAADDDDDIIIIIEEEEEE (and Rog)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and Anniversary) to you(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW, I sang that extra loud and with extra bravado for such a wonderful couple!

Maddie, you always bring joy when you show up here. Throughout some really difficult times, you have been able to rise up and show your bright, caring, humorous side. We all love you, and we all pray that there comes a time when we can all be together so that you can cook us that marvelous sticky chicken!


Love ya!

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Thank goodness Dee stepped in and sang. Your ears have been spared by my voice.

Maddie - Happy Birthday! I agree with all of the above. You have been here since the beginning and we miss you when your MIA. You have entertained us, shared your shoulder in times of need and always know how to leave us with a smile. I also want to wish you and Rog the best anniversary yet. Love you.

Dee - when we get together for sticky chicken I will bring the stapler for Maddie LOL.

Suzanne - You are off on a trail by now, it is picture perfect weather and I am looking forward to some stories and hopefully photos of you and SP.

Here I am sitting at work watching everyone out and about enjoying their day - I really want to be a tourist today!

Enjoy your weekend and stay out of the laundry room long enough to get some fresh air.

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Hi All,

Raeanne I just got home from school and I was heading to the laundry room after I checked in. Maybe I'll reconsider. LOL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MADDIE. I have to echo all of the above. I'm so happy that you are back to posting with us. I really do miss you when you are gone. I hope that you are having a good day. Do something nice for yourself! oxoxo Happy Anniversary too!

Suzanne, I meant that it the nicest way possible. ;-) Enjoy the weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful.

Marci, I have to agree with everyone else. That little girl is lucky to have you on her side. Aren't you glad it is a long weekend????

Dee, as always, you did not disappoint! I could hear you over here!

Raeanne, come to Salem! You can be a tourist here!

BJ, didn't you just have surgery? You need to slow down girl! I envy your productivity.

Patti, where are you? And Gretchen, please come back. We have not heard from Amy in a while. And Donna and Jen, don't think I haven't noticed you missing!

Tonight we have a Varsity FB game and tomorrow a JV game. Tomorrow afternoon I am heading for the Topsfield Fair. I entered a photograph in it and my brother entered his marigolds and got first place. Also my niece is the reigning Mrs. Essex County and this is her last weekend, so I have to go see her. The rest of the weekend is a mystery!


Love, Besh

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Hi Guys!




I'm headed to the island. Gotta clean DH's house---lol!

I'm leaving my laptop here, so won't be 'connected' again till Monday.

Stay on track, Suzanne...cuz I'm looking forward to the PARTY we're gonna have when you reach goal!

Besh~ It sounds like your family owns the county fair! YEEE-HAW! I still have scones in my freezer from the recent fair here! YUMMERS (Happyto)!

See you guys on Monday!

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Wow - you guys have been busy this week!

I glanced quickly but really have to take the time and read.

((Maddie)) on the loss of your friend. On a lighter note, happy birthday and happy anniversary! Make it the best yet..enjoy.

Suzanne - WTG on that loss!! I am impressed and motivated to dump wine next week and see how I make out.

Dee, I think the 50s prom thing is cool.

Marci, it takes a special person to do what you are doing and you are definitely one!

Raeanne, Besh, BJ - you guys are always busy doing something which is great. Raeanne, I'm ready to be a tourist some place too.. Besh, I'm heading to Salem!

QOD: I'm not a MIL but for what it's worth Suzanne I think you are on the right track, she's just a tough nut to crack it sounds like - good luck.

Will catch up and respond better later!

Enjoy the weekend!!!


    Bookmark   October 5, 2007 at 7:13PM
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