Anyone by NW MO know abt Wellness Fair in Parkville?

Lee_AnnJune 20, 2002

We just found out abt a Health and Wellness Fair in Parkville from 10am-6pm both days that focuses on prevention thru herbs and other preventive integrated healing practices tht sounds pretty interesting. There'll be speakers (16, 45 min lectures) and costs $10 for one day, $15 for 2 days, seniors and families less, kids under 15 free. Address is 4821 N Helena, Parkville; 816-505-1932 for info on spkrs schedule or directions.

I have nothing to do w/this fair personally, never been there, just thot you'd like to know since prevention is so important now w/insurance conditions being what they are and I bet it's going to be really interesting.

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