Weight Loss & Blood Pressure

mushSeptember 8, 2005

After 6 years on BP meds my doc has told me I no longer need them. At least as long as I can keep the wieght off. I am now down 41 lbs. I am so happy to be off these meds! I now have my own BP machine at home and keep a BP diary. One more reason to watch what I put in my mouth.

Mush, doing the happy dance!

For all who are struggling with High blood pressure. I noticed a significant drop in blood pressure after losing just 15 lbs. It can make a big difference. I know now that I have signifcantly reduced my chance of stroke and heart disease. Now that is my motivation!

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Thanks for your story, Mush. I have struggled for over 20 years, taking more and more medication. I'm hoping one day to be rid of at least half of them....!

Congratulations on your accomplishments.

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That is a great accomplishment. WOW 41 lbs!
I'm down 25 I would love to get to 41.

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I've have very good results with my blood pressure by cutting down on sodium (mostly soy sauce), exercizing a little, and taking garlic.

I was at the doctor's weight was 260, blood pressure was 151/110. He told me we better watch the blood pressure. I went back in 2 weeks and it was 140/110, then 6 weeks later it was 125/90.

He said, "I don't know what you did, but keep on doing it." Funny thing was he didn't ASK what I did, so I didn't tell him.

I think there's just way too much added sodium in the food we eat. I'm making a concious effort to buy foods with "no salt added" and not adding the stuff myself. This also goes with my 6 week bmo diet that I restarted up today.

Here goes!

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That is good news, Mush. I'm trying to go off BP meds because I have side effects from them. I started WW and have lost 5 lbs so far. I'm hoping the chloresterol level will drop also. I am borderline but I refuse to take Lipitor. Too many side effects.

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