Is there a Weight Watchers Thread Here

mirrenSeptember 18, 2005

Just joined up again for about the 20th time. I am at any all time high with my weight. I thought there used to be posters talking and encouraging each other re weight watchers. I am on my second week. I lost 5 lbs the first week. This "turnaround" program seems really good. I am counting points. It is much easier than when I first joined in 1972. Maybe this time I will reach my goal. I hope to hear from others.

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There are a couple of WW people on the SS Daily thread here.

Join us over there!


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I'm joining WW (again) and would also like to see a thread. What is the SS Daily thread?

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I would also like to talk about Weight Watchers. Maybe we could start some talk on this thread. I am not sure what SS is. Do you think it started out originally as the Suzanne Sommers Diet?

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Yes, SS does refer to SomerSizing; however, many of us no longer follow that diet. There are some posters who have had tremendous success following it, but we are basically a support group for anyone who is struggling with eating and could use a few more friends!

Please feel free to join us!

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I, too, just started WW two weeks ago. I am not going to meetings, I just got the book from a friend and am counting points. I lost 4 lbs, so it is working, but 20 points isn't very many! You really have to plan ahead, don't you?

What do you eat when eating out at a restaurant besides a salad or fish? Any sandwich that contains mayo really ups the points. I sometimes get a Subway turkey sub which is one of the lowest in calories and fat. They use low-fat mayo. I wish more restaurants would. I think it's just as good as the regular kind.

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I just started back on WW this morning. Like Blueheron, I don't go to meetings, but I do have the book and points calculator. I also did a website with an online calculator and links to some sites with points listings. You are all welcome to click here WW Points, etc.
Last night I didn't want to cook, so for the 2nd night this week I picked up a chicken strip basket from the local Dairy Queen. While eating it and feeling really stuffed, I remembered that it contains more points than I'm allowed in an entire day! That's what spured me into starting back with WW today. All my clothes are tight and uncomfortable! I would like to lose about 15-20 lbs.

It's good to see some WW interest here, so lets keep a WW post going each week.

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I love Weight Watchers and that one plan is responsible for me losing all the weight that I gained when I qu it smoking. I still have some pounds to lose by I am down from a size 16 to a size 12...I actually think I could wear a 10 in some styles. ..My husband has had a weight problem and I have helped him for a long time either lose or maintain so I have some knowledge of lots of plans.......with that knowledge, I have tweaked the WW's plan so that it really works for me.....Most of my plan is WW's but I use some suggestions from others especially MThurmonds 6WBM.

How are you WW's doing...are you weighing every day or once a week......going to meetings or not....

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Hi Ruthie. I tried weighing weekly and daily and I think the weekly is best for me. I always weigh first thing in the morning and on the same scales.

The last time I did WW I lost 17 lbs. and didn't exercise at all. This time I am walking and exercising, so I hope to tone up too.

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I'm using the CORE Program in Weight Watchers and reached my goal several months ago...I would still like to lose a few more pounds. But..I needed a little more of a structured program than the point program. I just found myself cheating too much with the "eat what you want and count the points" approach...I love this CORE Program and think I can make it a lifetime habit...

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Good morning WWers! I hope you are all keeping within your program and exercising! My DIL is picking me up each evening and we put the twins in the stroller and we walk at the cemetery. It's nice and quiet there, LOL. Lots of shade trees too. There are others who walk there too, so we sometimes have someone else to visit with.
I'm keeping true to my WW points too.
Hope you all have a great day!

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I am so glad to see this thread going. Myself, I have been out of control the last four weeks or so. I have been sick with pneumonia and cant seem to shake it. But even though I am not counting points I still go to my meeting. I know I will get back on track soon.
Blueheron - the points you are allowed each day is according to your starting weight. If you are only allowed 20 then you must weigh less than 150 lbs. Dont forget you also have 35 flex points which can be used each week.

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We have had company...I know jsut any I haven't been very good but decided I better get it in check or I'll gain back what I lost....I love seeing that lots of my Belly fat is gone and I sure don't want to see it back

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I joined WW at work where it couldn't be easier! I love going with my friends and encouraging each other, and I've lost 6.4# in 2 weeks. Yea! I make myself drink water, water, water even though I don't like it especially, but it helps to quiet the growling beast in my tummy. Let's keep lots of WW threads going--it's definitely worth it!

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