Noritake china

joyce_6333July 6, 2007

Not sure where to ask this, but I'll start here.

I have inherited my MIL's china - it's Noritake Ivory china, pattern is Lexine -- service for 12 with many additional serving pieces. What is "Ivory" china? How can I determine it's value, if any? Is it ok to wash in the dishwasher?

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This belongs on the Antiques forum....but It's good here too! LOL!
Lucky you!!!!!
Please don't put it into the dish's trimmed with platinum I believe and that won't stand up.
It was made during the 1970's and is discontinued. I believe it's bone china as different from porcelain and has a slightly creamy base color. Noritake is a Japanese China maker...I could tell you more about their history...but that's not important.
It's worth what someone will pay you...but, not knowing just what you have, you would likely pay about $2,000 to replace it...likely more.
It's lovely! Enjoy it!
Linda C

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Go to and see how much they are selling it for. That will show you a good example of how much it's worth. Of course they don't buy it from you for very much.

They are the best place to buy china replacements from!

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Thanks for responding to my question. Linda, yes it does have a very creamy base color, and is very pretty. My husband bought it for her when he was in Japan on R&R from Vietnam, so that makes it more special to me. But I am fairly certain he purchased it in the late 60's. He got it during his first tour, and that was in 1966-67, and his second tour was 1970.

My MIL always washed it in the dishwasher, and I noticed on a couple pieces that the platinum edge has rubbed off. Very minor, hardly noticable. But I definitely will not wash in the dishwasher anymore. Thanks for the good advice.

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Actually I think the dates are late 60's to '79 or so....
Replacements sells for top dollar and buys for the least. The best place to buy is eBay....if you can find what you want.
Linda C

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I did look on ebay -- saw a few single pieces. The set I have is complete, but maybe it's a good idea to buy extra pieces in case of breakage. j

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Linda is absolutely correct about buy very low and sell very high!!!

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I have a 96 piece set of 7006 Sarita Noritake Ivory China still in the boxes, that I'm not sure about using with 3 kids. My aunt had it sent out from Japan about 35 years ago. I'm considering selling it, but have no idea what its worth. Anyone?

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Looking for opinions, please. I have Noritake "Wedding Veil" china. It is blue china with a blue & white geometric design trimmed in silver. We thought it very pretty when purchased. What do you think of this pattern? The blue and silver worked perfectly at the holidays, too, eliminating the need for extra 'holiday' dishes. Have service for 12 in addition to many serving pieces - platters, bowls, gravy bowls, etc. 120 pieces in all (large family!!) Does anyone out there find this an attractive set?

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What do you care what other people think if you like it?
It's not my taste but I am sure you wouldn't necessarily like my dishes.
Linda C

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Ok. It came up in a family discussion and someone commented about the pattern. Maybe I am just used to it. Wanted an objective opinion.

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Perhaps I am just looking for an excuse to get a new set!

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Permission granted!!
Use the Noritake for January at snow flake time and get e new set.
Or put out the word that you have "started" a pattern and would love to get a plate or a cup for a gift at birthdays and Mother's day.
If you are sick of it....that's reason enough to get a new set of dishes.
Linda c

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True. Now there are thousands of patterns to choose from - this could be tuff!

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I have set of Noritake China that I inhereted when I bought a China Hutch the pattern is Fragrance and #7025 ANY INFO YOU CAN GIVE ME?

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About 45 years ago my brother-in-law was in the Army stationed in Korea. He sent a booklet home for my sister, Mom and myself to pick out Noritake China. We all 3 picked a pattern out and he sent it home to us. I have given mine to my daughter and she uses it often. When my Mom died I bought hers because I didn't want it to leave the family. Mom still had the shipping info in a drawer. The total cost for a 12 place setting plus extra pieces and shipping was only $55.00. My pattern has a pink rose in the middle with silver leaves and a silver rim around the edge. Moms has a blue flower in the middle with a silver edge. I forget the names but I know it is on the bottom of the China. I would hate to think of what it is worth now...


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