Wedgwood white mix-and-match picture request

enmnmJuly 26, 2011

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Is this the right forum?

I am thinking about buying luncheon plates in Wedgwood White as a base, and supplementing them with patterned china. This is because I love so many different patterns, I can't make up my mind.

Has anyone done this, or could direct me to a Dish Porn site?



PS - I've been advised to check out the Holiday forum, and I did, but I am not really interested in colored placemats and wild centerpieces. I want to see tables that are suitable for entertaining--focusing on china and glassware as opposed to "decorations". There is nothing so irritating as looking up and seeing the centerpiece instead of the person sitting across from you!

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I don't have a site to recommend, but I loved "dish porn"!

I like your idea of mixing patterns. I have heard of many people doing it. And almost everyone does when they have a big crowd.

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Indecision is a terrible thing....and I am similarly afflicted....
I have a stack...or rather 2 stacks of a total of 24 white ranson Havaland luncheon plates. I also have about 18 white Havaland dinner size plates. They mix well with lots of things.
But my caution would be to watch the color of the white as some things you might want to mix with will have a different white.....and to my eye it doesn't work well.
I also say go back now and then to Holidays....not for the "tablescaping" but you will often find links to amazing dish porn.

My daughter has the problem worse than I.....she has 7 sets of dishes and is working on 8.
Go for it....more dishes is always a good thing.
Linda c

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We over here on Holidays don't use wild centerpieces.
we do 'tablescapes'. Some simple, some fun,and some formal and always share where we found our china, flat ware etc.
you can always find links to other sites that can show you things that might interest you
Sorry you were disappointed.

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