Weekly Weigh-in, week of 9/20/09

harold14370September 20, 2009

Hello, everybody.

The results from last week's weigh-in are as follows:

Harold - Weight 199, lost 2, total lost 76

Eklektos - Weight 137, lost 1, total lost 15

Jasmi - Weight 133.2, lost 0.6, total lost 14.8

Betty - Weight 158, gained 1, total lost 22

Ivamae - Weight 174, lost 1, total lost 18

Helen - DNWI

My results for this week:

Weight - 200, gained 1, total lost 75

Average calories: Food 1886, exercise 217

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Thanks, Harold for all your posting to help us all. I appreciate it.

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Good Morning,
Harold, you've been doing such a great job of steadily losing for so many months. This is just a little blimp on the screen. Next week you will slay us with a 2 pound (or more) loss. :)

Iva, How ya doing?

I was pleased this morning when I weighed. Not because I had lost any weight, but because I didn't gain any.

I went to a wedding Saturday and ate a LOT of shrimp and fruit. Onions and/or garlic were in everything else and I'm allergic, so I chowed down on the shrimp!

Then I had a much later than usual dinner last night with potatoes and corn, 2 high carb veggies. This morning I weighed and haven't gained any weight. I'm thankful!!

There were pictures taken of me Saturday night, but I had on pants with pleats in the front and I looked LARGE!!
So, I won't be posting any of them!

DH told me last night that he really doesn't want me to lose any more weight. That he really likes me this size. I am still at least 12 pounds above the highest weight on the chart that I'm supposed to be. AND, I am not happy with myself at this weight. Even though I seem to be stuck at this weight right now, I DO NOT want to stay here.

Also, I'm very careful about what I eat because of being allergic, but I had another allergic reaction last night.
The ONLY things I ate were part of an apple that DGS started eating and didn't finish (before dinner), baked pork chop and potatoes, corn, peas, and one TINY bite of a coenbread muffin w/ butter. I'm stumped!

Anyhoo, Good Luck this week, everyone. As the gang on Bob the Builder says, "Can we do it? YES, WE CAN!!!"

I know, I know, But I have grandkids! Do you really think I get to watch grownup stuff? :) LOL


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Hi, all.
I am still at 137. Blah. :/
Was hoping to see something move down, even just a little this week. Oh well. On to next week.
Harold, the scale is just being a meanie to you. I don't see how you could really have a gain at the level you are eating, but sometimes the scale just does that to us. Trying to get us off track, I suppose. But you're so steady and consistent. I'm sure you won't let it get to you.


152/137/119 15 pounds lost to date since 2/2/09. Mini goal of 128 by 1/1/10 to fit nicely into a new dress I want to wear to a friend's wedding.

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Hi All

I forgot to weigh in this morning . Will do it tomorrow morning .


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Ivamae, you're welcome. I'm happy to do it, and happy to have the company. Thanks everybody, for participating.

Don't worry about me, folks, the scale is already on the way back down. Everybody keep plugging away.

I wonder where Helen is. Hope she's okay.

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I weighed this morning instead of to-morow morning. I'm going to change to Wednesdays because of other commitments first thing Thursday mornings, from now on. I lost 1 pound since last Thursday, I'm pleased.

My big problem seems to be getting my blood tests ( INR) under control. Although there is a lot of info on the net and it is helping me to see my previous errors, I still have unanswered questions that no one seems to be able to answer for me.

I'm now down to 173

I'm so pleased to have found this group of caring people.

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