Diet Rite soda???

LibbyLizSeptember 9, 2008

Has Diet Rite soda disappeared off the face of the earth???

I've searched so many grocery stores & haven't found it, but when I went to their website, it's still listed.

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They still have it at my store (in Southern California). It better not disappear -- it's the only soda I drink!!

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I checked for you around here, central FL, & it is still on sale in various flavors. Found it in the first store I looked.

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Maybe my part of UT just doesn't like/stock it then. :-(

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All the Walmarts in California still stock it.

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I love Diet Rite because it's one of the few diet sodas that is made with Splenda. I wish more companies would make Splenda -based sodas -- both my husband and I have to avoid aspartame, he because he's bi-polar, and me because of my migraines. I think Splenda diet sodas taste better, too.

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Rivkadr, Could you please give me more info on the Bi-polar/aspartame? Is it because of drug interactions or something else. My DH is also bi-polar so I am always up for any new information.

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wildchild, my husband's psychiatrist advised against him drinking aspartame because it's been shown to have negative affects in those with psychiatric disorders. Her personal theory was that it had to do with the formaldehyde that is released when aspartame breaks down in the body. I did some research of my own, and there certainly seemed to be plenty of small official, and several unofficial studies done on aspartame that did seem to link depression and other mood disorders with it, so IMO, it certainly doesn't hurt to remove it from one's diet. Better to be safe than sorry, if you ask me, when dealing with bipolarism.

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My MIL is allergic to aspartame or something & had to remove it from her diet. She was having severe problems from it.

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Well, it's funny -- now my local store has stopped carrying the cherry and the regular kind of Diet Rite (the two most popular kinds). I'm starting to wonder if maybe there is an issue with Diet Rite going on.

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If you google health and Splenda you will find bad write-ups on it also.Especially that it hinders weight loss.Wish they made a soda with Stevia????

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There IS a soda made with Stevia---it's called ZEVIA.

You can get a free six pack sample (you pay S&H)on their website, but it's better just to request that your local store to carry. The S&H on the free 6-pack come to over $11 to my zip code!

Anyway, the local health food store in our closest city carries this product.

BTW, I so not have any interest in promoting this product, other than just making people aware of it. I believe Stevia is a good alternative to Splenda and other alternative sweetners, but it's not for everyone! Some think the taste is "too organic" or has a bitter aftertaste when used agressively to sweeten food. I actually don't care for Stevia, but each to her own!

Here is a link that might be useful: ZEVIA Soda, sweetened w/ Stevia

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I know this is an old post but I'd like to respond anyway. I work as a merchandiser for several companies including RC Cola, who makes Diet Rite. Coke & Pepsi have cornered the beverage market in most places so alot of times, stores don't know there's a need. Also, big box stores like Wal-mart will reset their shelves so that their product is more visiable & has more shelf space. This means alot of times product brought in by a vendor loses it's spot on the shelf. How many times have you gone into a store & a product is no longer there? If enough people ask the manager for a particular product, sometimes they'll bring that product back. Also, sometimes these companies have territories. Maybe Coke has that area so no one else can go in, maybe not. You should check your local stores & talk to the managers.

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We gave looked at various stores for diet rite red rasp and white grape. Can't find any but the cola. Where has all the diet rite gone? Are they not marketing it anymore?
Let me know where I can get it. We live in Nashville, TN

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Our local Walmart carries Diet Rite, and I grab them when I can,(the Cola, White Grape, and Tangerine are our favorites)because they have become increasingly hard to find.

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Diet Rite soda has gone missing again in Denver. Anyone else having trouble?

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I live in Canton N.C. and I am unable to find
WHITE GRAPE anywhere... tell me where I can
find it PLEASE

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FYI: My DM was just reading an article about how diet drinks have been proven to aggravate neuro/muscular diseases. We asked DM's cousin's Parkinson's specialist and she checked into it, then advised Cousin Betty to avoid diet sodas at all possibility. Please be careful. l.marie

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Missing in Chicagoland as well...Jewel used to carry all flavors, now one if we're lucky. Can't drink aspertame-laced soda due to migraines they cause...

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The disappearance of Diet Rite tangerine is a national problem. I live in Washington state where there is an
exclusive distributor for us and Oregon. Columbia. I spoke
with them and was told that Columbia had discontinued it
and replaced it by Sunkist Orange. The reason was "profit".
They are a single company and do not operate in any other state. My local Walmart told me that their supplier, Columbia, had discontinued tangerine and had substituted
Sunkist orange which they had not ordered. Indeed this was on the shelf for the first time. In contrast to Diet Rite Sunkist contains much Sodium, aspartame, and an undisclosed
amount of caffeine, none of which is contained in Diet Rite.
The reason for drinking Diet Rite is to avoid these additives. It is suspicious that this has occurred in most of this country. So they kill some of us, isn't that okay
if it increases profit? That's America today, sadly.

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