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acornSeptember 30, 2006

I have been lurking on this forum since all my clothes shrank, I have no idea how that happened. I only had two pair of pants I could still zip. The knees went out on one. I work at a feed store and was loading bales of straw in a truck when my pants caught on the tailgate and the whole bottom ripped out. I would have called my dh to bring me a change but I knew I wouldn't be able to zip any he brought so I walked backwards (not easy when you are carring 50-70 lb sacks lol) all day. I bought a scale and lo and behold I gained 14 lb. I started lurking on this forum and lost it. I learned alot from ww/ss and enjoyed the love and support you give here. Thank you, thank you

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14 lb gone is definitely going to make you feel better and have more energy.

For me it'd be at least one pants size.

That's inspiring!

Do you have any tips for success that have worked for you?

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You inspired me, Lunchlady could be my mentor, it is just food choices. If you go off track there is another day to make other choices. I realized this should be applied to other issues in life, thanks for the reminder.

I discovered what a portion was, I guess I forgot. I left off cheese when it wasn't needed. Fruit is a good snack, so are those 100 cal pacs. Non fat yougert mixed with ranch powder is good in baked potatoes(half a potato is enough lol) and as a veggie dip.

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WOW!! Acorn I am flattered:) I do very well if I do no dairy and little to none salty foods~~~I really bloat from both:(

LOL!!! About your pants been there done that!!! I have worn the inside upper thigh part of my pants out:( When I had to start using a rubber band to give me some extra give on side elastic jeans for work I knew I needed help!

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That's a great tip about the baked potatoes.
What is ranch powder? Where is it found? Is it in the spice aisle?

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TK maybe it is found with the salad dressings, you can make your own ranch dressing they sell it in a dry form or maybe by the chips where the powdered dips are.

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I am going to try the ranch dressing mix thing...and it is sold with the regular bottled dressings....that's a really good tip...I wonder what the calorie/points are for the stuff...going to try it for sure...

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