Sweet 16 party ideas

shaknzmomJuly 22, 2006

My oldest turns 16 in a few months....and I need some ideas.

We ARE on a budget so there won't be any limos or other such extravagances. I was thinking about a hotel room for a night with a few friends....can't get beyond that.

Would appreciate any ideas you can send!



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Hang 16 sugar cubes wrapped with pink satin ribbon from ceiling in your house...lovely for the girl and she will never forget it.
Forget hotel room-limo---why does she need this?

Tell her to invite her closest girlfriends for a sleepover. Provide good teen food/drinks and leave them alone. Buy her a special piece of jewelry and tell her you would rather her have that to remember than a hotel room night.

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What do they spend their time talking about? If it is Make-up, see if you can find an Avon rep or the like to do a party for several girls. If it is clothing, organize a trip downtown to stores they do not usually shop at, throw in lunch or a play.

A hoel room without activities, does not seem like as much fun as doing something they don't get to do usualy.

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