SeaSilver - Does anyone know if it is good?

hayjud_mnJune 14, 2003

My DH heard a add for this liquid supplement on the radio (seasilver) and thinks it sounds better then taking the many vitamins we take each day.

Are any of you familiar with it. It looks like it costs about $40 a month. That is a bit high! It would be a lot easier then taking pills all the time.

I read some of the entries at Google, but I would like to hear from "real" people who take it.


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It's a fraud! If you take a serious look at the "research", much of what they claim it will do is not possible and the rest is unsupported by any testing.

"SEASILVER cleanses your vital organs, purifies your blood and lymphatics, nourishes your body at the cellular level, oxygenates the tissues and cells of your body, and strengthens your immune system."

This is pure techno-babble ... lots of fine-sounding words, but absolutely meaningless if you evaluate it with any knowledge of human physiology and cell

If you are taking "many" each day and talking about "pills all the time", you are probably overdosing on something. The national-brand vitamin or mineral supplements, as sold in any drugstore or supermarket, are more than adequate, and that's the latest NIH recommendation.

Here is a link that might be useful: SeaSilver Claims Analysis

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"SEASILVER contains every known antioxidant, ionic mineral, vitamin, enzyme, essential fatty acid (Vitamin F),"

There are THOUSANDS of different enzymes known, so the claim to have every one is clearly fradulent (or that's one heck of a BIG bottle). Also, most of them would be destroyed by the acid in the stomach immediately after you took a dose. And "Essential fatty acid" is not a single thing, there are several essential fatty acids.

The MD they have on their board, Daniel G. Clark, had his Florida medical license revoked in 1983 for unprofessional practice. ...

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Thank you lazygardens, I thought it may be, but wanted to hear from someone else. After I posted this I went to one of the sites on Google and clicked on business oportunities. That made it quite clear.
Thanks again, Hayjud

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