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beshSeptember 25, 2006

Come out, come out wherever you are!

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Well hello,

I am so sorry to be away so long, but so much is going on right now. DH goes in for his thyroid surgery this Wednesday and DS has been keeping me busy with his school/football schedule. Still, not a good excuse to stay away. I have missed everyone.

I hope that everyone else is just busy. I noticed how quiet it has been around here.

Can you believe that it has been so long since Allie left us? I saw that on Maddies post and just could not believe it. It is also pretty amazing that we have all been together longer than that. Does anyone know the year that we all started posting here? I want to say around 1999 or 1998. Yikes!

DS brought the wedding proofs over yesterday. Not bad, but not great. I ordered a bunch and when I get them back I will scan some and send to Marci to put in the photo album. I wanted to try to post some right on this thread but I could not figure it out.

Bye for now. Send some positive energy to my DH (Roger) on Wednesday if you can.

Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday Joanne!!

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Thank you for the great Birthday Golf post Marci and Marci was also my gift pal and what a gift it is.
There is nothing I could say on this post that could do justice to this, probably the most thoughtful gift I have ever been given. Marci, the hours that you must of spent and the thoughtfulness is overwhelming!

OK, I know your all gritting your teeth to know ------

Marci made me a "Golf is Life" book (scrapbooking). Each page has a pocket with a special little momento in it - bookmarks, T's, marker (with my name on it), a place to put my really good score cards, a golf towel, chocolate golf balls in a golf tin, a absolutely lovely bag tag. A book "The Quotable Golfer" - it's a great read and a magnet of Pittsburgh and a lovely picture of Marci actually assembling my golf book (she is gorgeous and in no need of worrying about her weight).

Marci, I keep looking at the book and all the little details, everytime I turn a page I see something else I missed before. It is incredible and you have touched my heart with your thoughtfullness more than I can ever say.
Thank you so much.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Good Morning,

Happy Birthday Joanne!!!! Have a great day!

Besh, we have been together on this board for a long time. I think that I started sommersizing in 1999 and joined this thread then. I wish I could lose weight like I did the first time I sommersized. The weight seemed to melt off. Now, I can't seem to do anything to get the weight off. I will keep trying though. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures. I am sure that you look great!!

Marci, how is preschool going? Tara can't wait to go next year. I wish she could have went this year but she missed the deadline by 11 days.

Have a great day.


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Happy Birthday to you...............
Happy Birthday to you...............
Happy Biiiirrrttthhhhdddaaay to our sweet, caring, golfing, curling, Canadian girlfriend Jooooooaaaaaaannnnnneeeeeee,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Marci, what a thoughtful gift to send! You are truly amazing!

I joined in the summer of 1999!

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Newbie here. Okay, not really... Sort of.

I remember these posts from back in 2000 or so. That was about the time I started doing SS. I kind of got away from the boards after a while.

Anyway, I am re-starting SS. I need to go to the grocery store and stock up on good legal foods. I am having a bit of difficulty deciding on lunches and dinners. Simple ideas, please.

The reason I am stuck is because I do not eat a lot of meat. No red meat. No chicken. No pork. I just don't like the way it tastes.

So, does that mean I am going to be eating omelettes and fritattas during Phase 1? Some of the recipes I like to make out of the books are: Egg crepes stuffed with spinish and ricotta cheese w/ parmesan cream sauce; Fritattas; Omelettes; Baked Mozzerella Marinara. I also like to fix lentils (that is a carbo meal, right?). What else is there? I need simple ideas that I can take the leftovers for lunch. Maybe egg salad for lunch...made with just mustard? (I don't like to make my own mayonnaise...The thought of uncooked eggs in there...)

Okay, ladies, I would appreciate your guidance! I know I will feel so much better after I get off of the soda and other sugars. I am getting "sugar headaches" from having so much sugar lately. Your help is much appreciated!

I look forward to being a regular posting member to the SS thread from now on...


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Joanne - Happy Happy Birthday! Sounds like Marci did a fantastic job. What a great way to store your memories and think of Marci too. I hope your day is filled with happiness.

Besh - DH will be in my thoughts.

Jen - I think I have been here since 1999 and I know that BJ, Maddie, Dee and Marci were here before me.

Jennh - Welcome! I have been there and done that with SS. The first time I did SS the pounds just melted away too. I fell off the wagon badly and gained all my weight back and SS just didn't kick in for me this time - I don't know why. I am losing now, but by doing Carb Addicts. My tip is that whatever you have for dinner, make a lot extra and use it for lunches the next couple of days. I will grill a bunch of chicken and then grab it when I am feeling hungry or take it to work for lunch - make it into a salad or eat it as is. SS has updated that store bought mayo is fine to use, so go for it. As long as you have legal food on hand it will be so much easier. Marci has a great recipe called "Marci's Spinach Bites" that helped me stay on track in the beginning. I just popped one in my mouth whenever I was hungry. I will post the recipe if you are interested. Glad that you plan on being a regular!

Marci - you did it again, you always outdo yourself with your gifts. I tell everyone about the scarf and book you gave me LOL. I would've been totally amazed if you did a "curling" scrapbook LOL. Hope the boys are settling in at school. I will have to ask my sister what the boy/girl ratio is in her preschool class.

I just got back from working out and getting the works done on my hair.

Enjoy the day.

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Yes, please post the spinich bites recipe. They sound delicious!

I only stayed on SS for about 6 weeks when I tried it...Just when the "melt" was starting to occur. I lost about 20 lbs and then got cocky about what I could eat. Just never went back on it, even though my weight climbed up and up over the years.

Hopefully, it will work for me this time around, too. I think it will. Just getting off these sugars and starches should help me out tremendously!


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Happy Birthday Joanne, I hope it's a great one with many more to come. How fortunate you are indeed to have a Marci gift! Her thoughtfulness is overwhelming!

Nice job Marci.

Welcome Jennh, good luck on your re-entry to SSing. We have all been there and done that. I don't know why we torture ourselves so.

Hope all is well with everyone. It's nice to see 8 posts in one day!! It's been too quiet and I miss my sisters and brother!

The short days are making it hard for me to ignore the fact that I must get myself back to the gym and get refocused on my weight instead of riding!! Sigh........I have the paperwork in the car to go back to the gym but I have not done it yet.

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Jennh - here is the recipe. I got the name wrong. I have substituted the spinach for asparagus and I bet broccoli would work well too. I hope this helps

1 package (10-oz.) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
3 eggs
1 lb Monterey jack cheese, grated (or ½ Pepper Jack & ½ Monterey Jack)
1/2 onion, diced and sautéed in 1 T butter  optional*
Canadian Bacon, diced and sautéed with onions  optional*

Thaw spinach and drain thoroughly and squeeze dry. Add beaten eggs and cheese (*and sautéed onion and Canadian bacon if using).

Mix together.

Bake in greased 11x7" Pyrex baking dish at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until lightly brown on top.

Let cool and cut into 16 squares for a great appetizer or into 6-8 pieces for a side vegetable or a quick breakfast.

Variation for lunch: Saute onions in butter first, and then add the spinach, eggs, nutmeg, 8-oz.feta cheese and 4-oz. grated Muenster. Bake for about 20 minutes. It's a really yummy variation of Spanikopita (w/o the phyllo).

***MarciÂs variation: I used ½ C chopped onions, 1-2 T butter, 6-oz.crumbled feta and 8 oz. grated Muenster and added 1/8th tsp. nutmeg. I then baked it for 30-35 minutes at 350*F.

We have way too many MIA's. Come on BJ, Tikanis, Amy, Milkdud, Donna (we need more info), Maddie (more info from you too), Gretchen, John, Patti??? and the rest of you.

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If anyone wants to see Joanne's scrapbook, I put some pictures on Picture Trail in the Mini Scrapbook album.

Joanne - I sent you an email. So glad you like everything!

JennH - Welcome back. I have TONS of SS recipes from way back when. Let me know if you need anything specific. I gave up strict SSing, and just try to watch what I eat. I do find myself still following SS rules at certain times and I try to limit carbs late in the day.

Besh - I did email you earlier in the week. If you want to email me a picture from the wedding, I will post it here. But if you want to post it yourself, I could try to explain. Let me know.

Before Maddie posted to remind us about Alli, I kept thinking all day on the 19th that there was something I should be remembering about that date. It is hard to believe that 5 years have passed. I still have Alli's last email she sent after 9/11.

Jen - Last week, I thought the kids had settled down and things were going smoothly. But today was exhausting! The three year olds were out of control. I have to keep my sense of humor though and keep reminding myself that it will get better as they learn. And don't feel bad about Tara missing the cutoff date. As she gets older, you will be glad she is not the youngest in her class.

My favorite kidism from today: The girls were playing in the kitchen and kept bringing me food. One little girl brought me a piece of "pizza" with the works on it. I pointed to the pepperoni, the mushrooms and the black olives, and she named all of them. Then I pointed to the green pepper, and she put her hand on her hip and as serious as can be she told me,"Oh that's mold!"

(I think I started here in the fall of 1998.)

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Happy Birthday Joanne! Hope it's the best one yet!

Jennh - welcome! I have personally never done SS but you have come to the right place, no matter what your WOE is. I'm so glad I jumped in!

Back later..Donna

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Hi Group:
Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes - it was a good day!
Marci how do I see the pictures of my scrap book? Did I mention that one of the pages has my red convertible on it - the detail of this book is unreal!
I think I started in 1998 - lost more than I wanted on SS and put on about 10 lbs. and have stayed there ever since. I do watch what I eat though all the time - will indulge but in very small amounts. Seems to work.

Marci, I too have kept all the emails from Alli and all the tributes that our group sent after that tragic day. I always associate 9/11 with Alli because she seemed to sum up the "fear" in all of us. I miss her incredible views on life a lot.

Take care, I promise to post more often.

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I went to the grocery store last night and stocked up and legal SS foods. Good gracious! My bill was $120 and it is just my husband and myself. Oh well...I know meats and cheeses are more expensive than canned goods and processed foods.

Anyway, my fridge and panty are all stocked up. I got up this morning and made scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese. Bacon for my husband. He and I were both happy (I normally don't make breakfast, so it is usually a pop-tart for him).

And, Wednesdays are my weigh-in days...I have already lost a pound and a half from last week. I feel like I am getting off to a good start. The weather is changing (to fall) and so am I!


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Jennh - WTG, good start!

Marci - that scrapbook is unbelievable - I could've never imagined what it looked like.

Anyone out there that would like to be an artist here's your chance. Click on the mouse to change colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paint like Pollock

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Good WEDNESDAY Morning!

Marci, you are amazing girlfriend! What a wonderful album you created.

Raeanne/Jennh - I tried the spinach squares with broccoli and cheddar once and it was a disaster on my stomach. I think making it with all cheddar was way too rich. Marci's recipe is just great (although I love it with feta too!)

Gotta get caught up on a million things here in the office. Kickboxing tonight at 5pm!!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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You are starting to worry me......have you all gone to French Lick and left me here alone?


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Dee - Don't feel bad, I wasn't invited either :-(

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Dee & Raeanne, I wasn't invited either. lol!

I hope this weekend is a little calmer than last weekend. Nothing Saturday, Sunday us and a friend are taking the kids to the zoo and chuckie cheese's. Should be fun. Hope the weather cooperates.

My eating stinks, I have no idea what to do with it and I am very frustrated. If anyone has anything that is working, please let me know.

Have a great weekend.


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Jen - I am still doing well with Carb Addicts, my losing has hit a plateau, but I feel it is temporary. I have lost 14 lbs since 7/5 and haven't lost anything in the last 2 weeks.

DD#1 is moving to San Diego and will driving cross country with a friend. I wanted to make them a CD with all traveling songs on it - to help break up the boredom of the road - I wanted to add some funny songs as well as good ones. I actually have about 25 songs in mind, but would love to hear of some that I haven't thought of. So I am posting a selfish QOD.

QOD - Name one good traveling song.

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QOD: Lord I was born a traveling man.......Alman Bros

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Marci - You have inspired me so much, that I am going to attempt my hand at a journal/scrapbook for DD#1 to take on her "road trip". I picked up stickers, embellishments, card stock, printed out photos. I need to go back tomorrow and pick up an album and adhesive. I wasn't sure what size or what type of album was best, but I came home and did a little research. If you have any beginner tips I would be thrilled to hear from the pro. Keep in mind I am getting my supplies from Target as there is no scrapbooking place nearby and my time is limited.

Jen - you too - give me hints if you can think of any common mistakes beginners make. I still have a card you made me a couple years ago.

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Truckin' - Grateful Dead (Working Man's Dead)

On the Road Again - Willie Nelson

Can't Find My Way Back Home - Blind Faith

Raeanne - Be creative and think outside the box. You can use buttons, scraps of paper, ribbon, lace, stamps, etc. Tear edges of paper as opposed to cutting and layer papers for different effects. Make pockets with paper and slip things into the pockets. You can glue, staple or fasten things down with brads and/or eyelets.
Make good use of your computer. Print sayings, quotes or definitions, headings etc. on your computer.
Layer in unusual ways.
Make things stand out by using Pop dots to raise them off the page. (I found mine at the $ store.)
Cruise the dollor store or the bargain bins for little odds and ends. (I found packages of small wooden letters for 25¢.)
There really is no right or wrong. It is your book and an expression of your ideas. Just have fun with it.
If you need help along the way, email me!!

Gotta run,

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Raeanne, My biggest scrapbook mistakes are putting to many pictures on one page. Make sure to do lots of journaling.
Have lots of fun with it.


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Marci & Jen - thanks so much for the ideas. I am only including a picture of us and the dog, and will leave spaces for her to put in pictures from her trip. I think I have most of the materials I need (except for those pop dots). I was thinking of taking a few blank note cards and attaching them to put a photo on the outside and then she can journal inside. I see that this can become as complicated as you want it to be LOL. I am excited and if it comes out half way decent I will share a photo.

Thanks for the song ideas too.

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I will check in tomorrow but had to post a song for Raeanne!

A fun song we used to sing on trips is "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" by, I think, Three Dog Night?? An oldie but goodie and lots of fun.

See ya tomorrow!

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Hi Everyone ~

Joanne ~ Belated Happy Birthday wishes.

Marci ~ what a wonderfully thoughtful gift. How do I get to see the picutes?

jennh ~ I am SSing and have been since 1999. I have a day or 2 when I may cheat a little but am always able to get right back on track. Do you eat turkey, fish or seafood? Suzanne's website has a lot of wonderful recipes.

Raeanne ~ I'm sure DD will love the scrapbook and the CD. The first song that popped into my head was California Here I Come. Others are:

Carefree Hightway ~ Gordon Lightfoot

I'm a Travelin' Man ~ Ricky Nelson

One For My Baby and One More For the Road ~ Bette Midler or Neil Diamond (if you are keeping with a road/traveling theme)

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend

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October 1 where~O~where did September go?????

Hope you all are having a nice weekend

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Rabbit, Rabbit!!

Marci, I loved your scrapbooks! I love scrapbooking myself although I have only done one for DH 50th BD. I can see why it becomes addicting. I have lots of other ideas now but not alot of time or energy. I think scrapbooking is a good indoor project for me when I can't be out in the barn so much!

Not much new here have been busy with my driving club business, bylaws and elections coming up. I did write an article for our carriage club newsletter. I do enjoy writing when I am inspired. I can't imagine doing it while not inspired.

I will be marking trails today for our carriage club next weekend event that I host. It's our last campout of the year and if the weather cooperates we will be at peak foligae. Keep your fingers crossed. It's going to be raining soon and I hope to get the trails marked before the deluge they are predicting.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. See you Monday.........ALL OF YOU.

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