bulldinkieSeptember 14, 2004

Anybody take it?Tell me about it.Cant do low carb,adkind I have kidney problems

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I think you could do lower carb as long as you did not give yourself unlimited proteins. Check out the South Beach diet. I am thinking this you should ask your doctor though because of your health problems. Good luck! Stay dry.. Kathy (also in PA)

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I tried Merida about 10 years ago. Didn't do anything for me at all and it was very expensive then. I sympathize with you. I have health problems as well though not kidney. Just need to work around them. Usually exercise helps no matter what health problem though sometimes you have to be careful which exercise you chose. Good luck.

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Wonder why it didnt work?Needed stronger dose maybe.I take 15 mg I lost 24 Lbs since Sept.walking is best I think I walked for years loved it.I walked many many miles started 1/2 mile when done I was walking about 10 miles a day.One day I fell down basement steps did both knees in ended walking.

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