Trying again !!!!!

dotmomSeptember 30, 2005

Hi, I'm a new kid on the block. Trying to diet one more time. I joined W.W a few years back and did pretty good on it. Then I had back surgery that layed me up and the weight slowly came back. The W.W. plan is good but getting too expensive for me. So I'm following the plan with the booklets I had from before. Losing is hard because I'm diebetic taking insulin and am not active because difficulty in walking. Any one else out there having trouble losing because of meds? Dottie in Mn.

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Hi and welcome from an old lady!
Did you check out WW online? I was checking it yesterday and it is $16.95 a month. Some of the site is free. Our WW meetings are $13 a week here and I keep say I am going but the cost keeps me away. There is free joinup for 3 more weeks so I need to decide soon. Boy it's hard to part with the money!
I watched a bedbound woman on a talk show and Richard Simmons told her to exercise just the upper part of her body with his tapes - any exercise is better than none.
Is your life easier with all the low carb products? I have a friend who was tickled witht the low carb craze but she has trouble losing weight with all the choices.
Welcome and good luck.
Send an e-mail to me to say "Hi" if you want. Kathy

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