wedding etiquette

carolj79July 28, 2007

My DH and I just attended the wedding our good friend's daughter. I was appalled by the way people behaved before and during the ceremony. I saw one guy w/ a water bottle drinking it in the sanctuary. People stood for the bridal party during the processional and the priest had to tell them to sit until the mother of the bride stood for the bride. Toddlers and young children were screaming and talking through the entire ceremony and parents didn't take them out! Cameras were flashing during the vows! A wedding is supposed to be a sacred covenant and it was more like a three-ring circus. I do not want this to happen at the weddings of my children and will do whatever precautions necessary to see that it doesn't. Does anyone else agree with me or is this just the way society does things now? Thanks for letting me rant!!

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In spades!! 100%...I am disgusted by gum chewing bridesmaids, noisy guests...hooting and hollering as a certain attendant comes down the aisle, Elvis singing Love Me Tender during the ring exchange....and more besides!
The precautions you need to take is to do all you can to make everything about the wedding, from invitations to ceremony to dht dress of the attendants and family as "correct" and as formal as you can.....and maybe it will turn out 1/2 way between stuffy and raucous!
I am remembering one bride with a backless gown with some strange thing stuck on her back. I learned later it was to cover a tattoo. So...if you don't want your tattoo to show, why get one? And furthermore, why choose a backless gown?
I'll rant with you!!
Linda C

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I think this is just the way of society. People have no manners anymore. Don't get me on the rant about how people were acting when I went to the theatre. There were live people on stage, show some respect, you're not at the movies!

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I was recently appalled when a Catholic bride came down the aisle in a very formal sanctuary in 'spaghetti' straps. I think my jaws dropped. Wonder why the church/priest didn't have the church rules given to her??? good grief. Beautiful dress, but where was the modesty?

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Salena, I'm curious. If the dress itself was not low cut why did this bother you? It wouldn't have bothered me.

But it did bother me when a bride walked down the aisle of a fomal Catholic church wearing a gown with long sleeves and a very plunging bodice and back. Sure, her shoulders and arms were covered, but most everything else was out in the open.

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I am a professional musician, and you don't want to hear me rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am about to swear off weddings for life!!!! If you don't want a sacred service, get out of the church!!!!!! If you choose a church, act like you are a responsible adult who is attending a sacramental service......
Okay, I'm off my soapbox too!!!!

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Am thinking of my good friend also a pro who plays a lot for weddings telling of the bride who wanted to walk down the aisle to the theme from Star Wars! I asked her if she did that??...She replied that she gently guided her to use that as a recessional!

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