WANTED: Startching crocheted items

moonbugJanuary 18, 2005

Can any one help me ?

1st: I'm in need of startch that will let the item stay its color ( dry clear ). This is very important to me.

2nd: and also won't wilt and bent with humid weather.

I've tried Sta-Flo and that has turned the item blue, I know I don't have the right mixture, can anyone help me out with that?

I've also used ... TAC Porce A Like Porcelainizer and that turned the white (snow white) to an off yellow, antique white, not the color I wanted on a Christmas Angle ! I now have other things I would like to do and just don't know what to use.

Many THANKS for your help

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Have you tried Niagra Spray Starch? Not sure if it comes in any other form than the spray, my mother used it all the time and I have as well on occasion, have never noticed a color change with any items.
Hope that helps,

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Moonbug - Take a look at the link below - several products are described and whether or not they will yellow over time...

Here is a link that might be useful: Starching Techniques

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The sugar syrup is the old method, and works just fine. You can rewash with that one. The Elmers glue and water will work fine for making ornaments and angels that you may never want to do over again. I have used both on things like baskets with handles and a crocheted swan basket...also a crocheted vase.

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Thanks Millie for the info. I've never used the glue/water type, how does it go, how much glue, how much water ? Does the item get yellow? Sounds like something I'd like to try.

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