House warming--Is this silly?

beachbumJuly 25, 2002

Hi all!

My DH and I are moving next month into a newly constructed home in our same small town. We want to have a housewarming party--mostly to give people the tour of our new home. I don't mean this in a show off way, but so many people have either been "caught" peeking in or have asked for a tour. People including our neighbors and my friends parents, work associates etc etc. This is a VERY social neighbohood and we have attended several dinner parties and cocktail hour casual get togethers since construction began, plus I work for the developer so I know almost everyone. Ok I guess I am trying to convey there are A LOT of people we would like to invite...

Would it be weird to have a 'rolling' open house? What I mean is could we send out invites that say stop by anytime between 5:30 and 7 monday-thurs for wine and cheese and a tour (worded nicely of course) that way we wouldnt get a crowd all at once, but would be able to include everyone without them feeling like they were second best?

any thoughts?

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I might have an all-day open house on a Saturday or Sunday rather than a succession of weeknights. Providing bread or crackers, wine and cheese is plenty, even around dinner time - if you just call it an open house, people won't expect dinner.

You could also have open houses on both Saturday and Sunday from noon to four or so.

I don't think there is anything wrong with doing four weeknights in a row, just that it might really wear you out, and your guests might have a harder time making it than they would on the weekends. They might also feel kind of weird showing up on a semi-random night, and if they happened to be the only ones there at the time, might feel like they were intruding.

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I'm in agreement w/ Anita9. Exactly my sentiments.

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BeachBum- I think it would be fine to do that if you'd like, but I think you'd have more fun doing an all-day type thing on the weekend. That way you won't have to worry about someone stopping by all week, and you'd probably save yourself from having to spend too much time cleaning or preparing refreshments. You also wouldn't have to worry about keeping every person that comes over entertained by yourself. If there's more people, they'll talk to each other and probably have a really good time.

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Good input from all the above posters. Is there something that restricts you from doing it on the weekend?

Personally, 5:30-7:00 during week nights is not the best of times for me. I'm making the transition from work to home, often have an errand or two, etc. And...5:30-7:00 seems too tight of a timeframe to me.

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Well, I guess I thought weeknight just to keep it casual. I thought after work, but before dinner would be nice because a lot of our friends enjoy cocktail hour anyway... I simply don't know what I would serve them in the afternoon. I was trying to keep from making hors deouvers. Get some good cheese, crackers, fruit and bam! instant snacks! Maybe I'm just lazy! LOL
None of our friends have kids, and many of them are semi retired, if that matters any...

thanks for your thoughts.

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BeachBum,Congrats on the new house!!!

I agree with some of the others that this appoach will make it very dificult for you to manage. Not only do you have to have the house "just so" for so many days but managing the food will be a challange as well. With this approach you are likely to end of with very small groups or everyone one the first night!

How about doing just two open houses. One on a weekend and one on a weekday...both late afternoon so your wine and cheese idea works, perhaps 2-5:30. This way the "non" workers can take advantage of the weekday and the "workers" won't be rushed between the end of work and thier dinner.

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I think I know what you are trying to do....really a "non-party"....but still have friends over for a drink and a tour.
I think the week long 5 to 7 think could work...but woud be a huge strain on you. Why not do a rolling party on one day? Say send one group of invites for 4 to 6, another for 5 to 7, and lastly from 6 to 8.....and plan on it lasting until 9. Serve cheese and fruit and work into sandwich buffet stuff.
Get it all over with in one day...
Linda C

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why not just throw a bbq? i don't know about anyone else but if i was invited over like that JUST to look at the house i'd be a little offended.(like i'm a peeping gossip or something) i would much rather prefer a bbq or an outright housewarming party and bring a gift then just being invited to look at the house. you could even do it on two different weekends and invite half the first day and the other half the second.
anyway congrats on your new house!!!!!!

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