Open House for newly renovated home

thatgirlJuly 8, 2003

One of my friends has just completely remodeled her home. In the process, she has had 2 house fires and water damage. (not to mention burned feet)

I would like to throw an open house for her, not a housewarming since this is not a new house. How should I word the invitation?

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"Please come to celebrate the not uneventful remodeling of Bessie's house.
Considering the complications, perhaps swim fins and a fire extinguisher would be appropriate attire"

"It's finally complete! celebrate Bessie's newly remodeled digs.
Fire extinguisher's will be kept handy as well as a sump pump!"

I think this is one of those situations where if you didn't would might as well laugh!
Linda C

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I agree with lindac-

'for any of you who has been wondering what happened to dear Bessie- she recently escaped from a home remodeling project with nothing but the shirt on her back!'

come help us celebrate her eventual recovery.

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