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joe_mnJune 17, 2011

male. 25yrs old. 215lbs. 14% body fat. lift weights 4 times week. not much cardio. do bike a lot though in summer. went on 6 week extreme diet. got down to 190lbs. looked ok i thought. did not check BF. over the next 6 months i went back to regular weight. am 215 again. i think most of weight loss was water. some fat, some muscle. i think a super fast diet is misleading. not really true fat loss. does my theory sound right?

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Yes, you are absolutely correct. Extreme diets only work on a temporary basis and can even jeopardize your health. Eating complex carbs, veggies, fruit, and beans, nuts, fish, etc. for protein is the way to lose weight. No sugar, not even the artificial kind, no white bread, rice, or potatoes,lots of water, limit processed foods, and no fried foods.

You did not say how tall you are. If you are 5'5" 190 pounds is still too heavy.

You need to balance the weights with cardio and a healthy diet. Also, your muscles need to rest - usually 40+ hours after lifting weights. Either do it every other day or do upper body one day and lower body the next.

Good luck!

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i am 6-1. have 53" shoulders. 49" chest. 34" waist. i rarely do leg work. since my upper body is big, i can get away with having a soft middle. i have a hard time staying away from carbs.

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