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deemarie5500September 13, 2009

Happy Monday (almost!)

So happy to read that those who have had a difficult time are feeling better. You are all still in my prayers and an extra squeezy [[[[[[[[[[[[HUG]]]]]]]]]]

DH and I had a wonderful and romantic cruise. So relaxing. Besh, we got to Salem on the tour Thursday. Really interesting; I was so glad I got there, but would have loved to have 5 minutes to say 'hello' in person. Someday........

It's still Sunday, and I've spent over 8 hours working. Thank goodness I didn't wait until Monday morning to open up these 200 e:mails because I have a huge day full of compliance audit meetings. Hopefully, work will calm down in a month or two.

Make this week count!



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Good Monday all,

Dee welcome back and thanks for getting us started!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather here was 50/50 rain on Saturday and beautiful on Sunday!

Milkdud, how is DH?

How was everyone's weekend?

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Good Monday evening!

Hubby is still home from work, but is insisting on driving himself in tomorrow. *sigh* Why are men so darned stubborn and in denial when they're not up to snuff? The plant's nurse stopped by yesterday with a lovely Shepherd's pie and her blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, and she declared him not yet ready to return to work today. That bought us one more day, but tomorrow? Say a lot of prayers, please!

I spent today cancelling our cruise, Lucky's boarding reservation, and dealing with paperwork galore that goes along with cancellations and short-term disability.

Hubby's feeling a tad better, but he's still low on blood because he's huffing and puffing just walking from one end of the house to the other. I think I've got the special diet issue pretty much worked out, and that's great. He's eating smaller meals now and everything's very healthy.

Dee, glad you had such a good vacation, but it stinks to return to tons of work!

Suzanne, I saw your pics you posted last week. They were lovely!

I need to dive into the fridge and sort things out. I'd just about gotten it straight before hubby came home on Friday, and with grocery shopping with DSD, and food gifts, it's a mess again. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, send help! LOL

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Hi Guys!!!!!

Well, the in-laws moved to a hotel (after my meltdown) and everything is better and calmer around the ranch now. LOTS of DIL guilt, but that's how it goes....

They came to dinner the other night and I'll probably take them lunch today. Things are on the mend. We still don't know how long they'll be here!

Thanks for getting us started, Dee! Ahhhhhhhhh...a romantic cruise sounds like, like, SUCH A DREAM! Lucky you! (I loved Salem last time I was there..!)

NHSuzanne---With the in-laws out this past weekend, we slept in, walked around in our underwear, then got showered and dressed, scooped up the kids, put Baby V in the backpack and hiked the ridge above the south-end beach---SO BEAUTIFUL! It was a great Sunday all the way around.

It's back to work for me! We might get a baby dropped off at our office today in a custody suit, so I hope I'll have a cutie pie delivered by the sheriff soon. Grandparents are picking her up fix for me!

Milkdud! Glad you're home with DH. Sorry about your cancelled trip... Get some "ME" time for yourself---Don't forget! XXOO!

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Good afternoon! It's very overcast and only 77 F here!!!

BJ, sometimes you just have to have that meltdown to clear the air and straighten out things - especially when you're the dumpee for everyone's gievances. Good for you, IMHO!

Hubby drove himself to work today and is still there. He's on light duty and is supposed to leave early today, so we'll see.......

We're eating healthy, for sure! Lots of blood building foods. I may lose weight in spite of myself! LOL

I didn't sleep well last night for worrying about hubby driving himself today, so I'm going to take a nap. I've decided that I earned it!

Wishing everyone a few minutes to pamper themselves by posting here!

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Wild_Chicken went straight to court. I'll hafta wait until after work for my "Baby V" fix!

Milkdud-Glad to hear the healthy eating has commenced! As soon as I finish with the in-laws, I will start eating healthy as well!!!! LOL!

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Good morning.

Milkdud and BJ, so glad things are looking better for you both this week. Y'all have had a rough time of it lately.

Not much happening here. We went to visit my mom and also spend an evening with some old friends. Helped our nephew decorate his first house - an exciting time for him. Our old friends had not seen us in a few years, so it was fun letting them see the new me. It's funny how some things stick in your mind - a few years ago we were at a football game (one of those hot, September ones) and I was melting in my seat - also stuffed in it - ha. She could tell I was miserable and asked why didn't I take my jacket off. I just shook my head, not wanting to admit that my arms were too fat for the world to see. She was very complimentary about my weight loss Friday and I told her about that night - I said I can wear sleeveless now!

We got home Sunday and it was nice and rainy, so we both curled up to read and watch football, when "boom" - lightning struck somewhere very close. Turned out it burned up our underground cable! I can't say enough how I am so ready for fall and cooler weather. (Also grateful, so far, about the mild hurricane season.) Please, let it continue!

Better get ready to walk. I missed Weight Watchers this week, subconsciously didn't want to go, since I splurged on the weekend.

Enjoy the day!

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If you can spare a good thought for me, I'd like to find my wedding band which I lost yesterday morning. I prayed to St. Anthony this morning after DH and I looked for the 100th time in the dining room where I heard it drop. We have hardwood floors, 2 hutches, a table and 6 chairs there. Nothing! DH said give it 2 weeks and then we go and get another one. I was very weepy yesterday over it, but today I realize that it's only material. My assistant has her wedding band, but lost her husband to cancer 2 years ago.....I got an instant attitude adjustment when I noticed that this morning.

Gotta run and take care of a few projects here.

Hope you all have a pleasant, peaceful day!
Make it count.

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Good Wednesday all,

Dee, I am praying to St. Anthony to help you find your ring. It has to be right in front of you! I am sure it rolled quite will find it!

Jan, good for you and your weight loss and being able to wear sleeveless shirts!!

BJ, glad you have some sanity back! MIL has to be doing pretty well to be able to go out to eat! When are they going home?

Milkdud, what's the word on DH today?

Okay everyone who is know who you are.....please check in. I miss you.

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Dee, this is going to sound silly, but I always got confused on which saint to pray to when I lost something. Instead of St. Anthony, I mistakenly prayed to St. Jude (who is saint of hopeless causes.) Believe it or not, he's helped me out quite a few times. So put a shout out to him, too. ha.

Thanks, suzanne. I just read my journal, trying to stay pumped on this weight loss thing. Ate left over baby lima beans for breakfast - isn't that weird. Trying to keep from being bored (I love limas.) Plus, I don't ever eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Also, has anyone ever worn "fit-flops?" My niece, sister and mother all have them and convinced me into buying a pair. They're supposed to provide a workout while you wear them. I'm sure it's a marketing ploy, but people who wear them love them, and they are very comfortable. The person who repaired our cable Monday night - she noticed mine and said she owned three pair. She has rheumatoid (sp?) arthritis and being on her feet so much with her work, she said they really help her. Who knows.....

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Good Wednesday morning, everyone! It's a beautiful sunshiny day here - temp only 82 F. so far. I've already been for my chiropractic/attitude adjustment, and I'm feeling good!

BJ, sorry you didn't get your bitty baby fix, but I'm sure you'll have plenty of chances in the near future. Continue to enjoy the solitude of your home w/out inlaws!

Jan, ouch about your cable! But, YEA! about your friends noticing your weight loss!!! And about the fit-flops: I ordered some that Curves has, and I returned them because the leather strap between the toes was so rough that I couldn't walk with them to get fit! LOL I wish you the best of luck using them though.

Hubby is at work again and seems to be doing fine. He's on light duty, not allowed to walk around in the plant yet, and a chauffeured golf cart to and from the parking lot since his walk is about 4 city blocks long. He said last night before bedtime that he was feeling better then than he's felt in ages. He was obviously losing blood for longer than just last week, so he's noticing the difference. So far, so good with his new way of eating!

Dee, good luck with finding your wedding band. I'm sure it will turn up in a "how could I have overlooked it there?" kind of place.

Hi, Suzanne! Always good to see you posting here.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!

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Going to try fit-flops if I can find them.

Suzanne, I was caught in traffic this morning....behind a trailer with 2 horse butts staring me in the face. I got so giddy from thinking about what you would think about it, that I almost could not pay attention. LOL!!!!!!!!!

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I can't think of a better way to be caught in traffic!! I love horse butts! What can I say? I am sick and twisted but I am not alone...

Tell me this is not beautiful!!

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As long as his/her tail is in the "down" position - ha!

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BUTT Jan! What ever do you mean?

LOL Seriously I look at that and admire the power that those muscles wield and yet, she lets me ride on her back and she takes me to great places!

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Hi all,

I am heading out in a few minutes to yet another wake. It seems never ending lately. I just wanted to say hello to you all and glad things are on the upswing for everyone!

Suzanne, yes it is a beautful butt!

Dee, what did you see while in Salem?


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Good Thursday all,

Dee, have you found your ring yet? I know it's right in front of you. Keep saying the Saint Anthony prayer.

Besh, I know what you mean...when it rains it pours. Not to mention that the older we get the more of these things we get to attend! Thinking of you.

SO where is everyone this week?

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Hi Guys!

Dee---Hoping you find your ring! At least you know where you lost it! I've lost my wedding rings quite a few times...they always come back. I take them off all the time.

Fit Flops: BE SURE to get the REAL Fit Flops, not a knock off. I have 2 pair (one black/one red) and LOVE them. MUCH more stable than regular flip flops and they make your legs feel great! I've had them for about 3 years. I can wear mine for LONG periods of time and NO SORE FEET! Go for it!

Let's say YAY for sleeveless shirts! I hate how my arms look in pictures!!!! Maybe I'll do something about it!

NHSuzanne--Love that pic!

Well, the in-laws called me from the ferry line yesterday! No personal good-byes for them! They called me- at work- and told me that they had left the loaner wheelchair from the senior center in the room and one of my dish towels and a dreamfoam pad I had loaned them in the hotel room! They said "you'd better hurry up and get over there; we left the door cracked for you to pick this stuff up. If you don't get it now, who knows what house keeping will do with it? Oh, and can you return the wheelchair to the senior center for us?" (SHEESH!) So I hightailed it out of work to go get the stuff and load it into my truck, went by the senior center, etc.

They're gone and I STILL have DIL guilt! I'm sure it'll fade....

Besh---When it rains, it pours. (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

Okay, on with the end of the week! :-) Monday I start the MUFA flat stomach diet! Can't grocery shop until Saturday...

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Good morning.

Another hot and humid day here.

BJ, glad to hear the good endorsement on the Fit Flops. I definitely want to get a pair of winter boots by them when they come out. After walking in the morning, it feels good to slide them on and I do keep them on all day. (If it helps firm up the ole butt (not every one can have as nice a one as Sweet Pea - ha!) that will be an added bonus!

Also, BJ, don't feel guilty. (I was raised Catholic, and it is instilled in us in an early age.) No matter what you do, for some people, it will never be enough. That is not your problem, but theirs. Sounds to me like they are lucky to have you in their lives.

What is MUFA? My stomach could definitely stand to be a little flatter.

Did any of you watch The Biggest Loser's first show the other night? I don't agree with parts of it (especially making those poor contestants run a mile the very first day) but I do get something out of each episode. Looks like they have an interesting group of people this year. Some heartbreaking stories, too.

Hope it's a good day for everyone.

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Wodka: MUFA--"good fats" - MonoUnsaturated Fatty Acids...

I've been reading about them---and the "diet" is just eating the Meditteranean way. I have a book on it and have read a lot about eating that way. But Prevention Mag just came out with a "Flat Belly Foods!" Prevention Guide that I picked up at the checkstand and somehow, it lit a fire under me.

I just came back from visiting a Greek friend of mine. She looks FABULOUS and has eaten this way for as long as I've known her. She's mid-fifties in age and her bod looks like she's 30 plus she has a TON of energy!

I just have to try this way of eating. I love the foods involved and need SOMETHING--ANYTHING---to get me motivated!

I'll post some links later if you're interested!

PS: I don't have TV but love hearing about the shows when you guys discuss them! :-)

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No ring yet, but thanks for thinking of me.

[[[[[[Besh]]]]]] We took a tour right through town and into the museum. We walked around a 4-block area (witch cemetary, etc). It was a beautiful day and really very interesting. I can only imagine in horror how congested that area must get during the halloween season!!!

Suzanne, the butts I saw were brown! LOL!!!

BJ, please do not feel guilty. It's true, that your in-laws have the problem; it was nothing you did. They should have backed off long before your meltdown. Breathe; breathe; breathe..........and concentrate on your immediate family now, and Y-O-U!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run (yet again!)
Make today count!

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Patti's coming! Patti's coming!

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LOL All the chicks in the room say "HEY", "HEY!". I didn't know I was going to be announced. I got the new computer & did a "no-no" & lost the comp & had to get a new one. So I lost all my faves & my links. I finally got BJ to send me the link here so I could come & check on everybody. I feel awful that I haven't been here to encourage you. Sorry about that. We have been having trouble with our new car. I was going to say Dave got turned down from the VA but in all actuality the lawyer dropped the PTSD part of the case without our knowledge until it was too late. Now the last 9 years are gone, vanished into thin air. Dave has had the flu a couple of times already. I had it once. I've been vaccinated now. He still hasn't been. I'm trying to get some quilting done as well as some scrapping but FB takes up most of my time. LOL I think I'm some kind of farming gansta. I guess. Hmmm...IDK. Anyway, it was really good to see what is going on with everyone & I have the link marked now & will check back in. I am playing in a Fantasy Football league this year & I've never watched Survivor but I am in a Survivor game. Who do you think will win? I guess the 1st show is tonight??? I'll tell you who I have after you tell me who you like. ;-)

Take care. Love & miss you!

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Good Friday all,

Patti nice to see you post. I am so not with all the abbreviations in your post! But glad you are having a good time.

Dee, has Saint Anthony answered our prayers??

QOD: What are you all doing for the weekend? Supposed to be very nice here and I am riding and gardening! I am going to start on a new perennial border for planting next year.

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No answer to my prayers, but I'm grateful for all I have so will get a new ring in a week or two.

QOD: Tonight and tomorrow a few errands and cooking for the week. Sunday we go to JETS/Patriots game. GO JETS!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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TGIF!!! This has been a busy week, full of all kinds of little nit-picking details to handle, so I'm actually ready for the weekend for a change!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Tuesday! Where has the week gone? Today I got my flu shot at the community center, then had to stop at the post office and a couple of stores before going to the bank. A friend came over and helped me with the calling list for our church's fall festival. I got an old copy of the church roster, so I needed help on knowing who to call and who not to call, etc. She whittled down my calling list quite a bit as so many have moved on in one capacity or another.

Dinner tonight will be a very mild form of my crockpot sweet & sour chicken. While hubby's ulcer is healing, I can't use any of my stock cooking items, so this is a very mild (read dull) version. I'll serve it with brown rice and a spinach and peaches salad. Hope he likes it. I fixed liver the other night, and I have to admit to having a rough time with the substance of it while it was cooking. But, it tasted pretty good!

Hubby has lost 12 pounds since he was weighed in the ER on Labor day. I must be doing something right. I don't notice that I've lost anything, but it does speak volumes on how much he must have been snacking while at work and in the evenings before.

No big plans for this weekend - just taking life easy and catching up on a few things. I wish everyone a wonderful relaxing one, too!

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milkdud, glad everything is going well and you have your sweet husband home. Your crockpot sweet and sour chicken sounds good, but the liver - ugh. When we were little, many years ago, my dad insisted that we eat liver every once in a while. All six of us kids would gag, stuff it in our napkins, under the table, wherever we could hide it. It was awful....... My dad loved liver. I remember when he came to visit us when we lived in New Orleans - we ate the fabulous breakfast at Brennan's. Would you believe he ordered liver and onions - said they were the best he ever had!

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Hi all!

Milkdud, I'm so glad that your DH is better! :)

Remember Allie M? It's been 8 years ago today that she passed. I wonder how Zig is doing? Anyone hear from her? (Seems like a lifetime ago, but then it seems like last week-)

Gotta go--just popping in to say hi!



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Maddie, I do remember her from probably just lurking here. She seemed like such a sweetheart. My 'net friend Renee who just died reminded me so much of her for some odd reason. I guess because she was the youngest in our group there.

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Hi Guys!

Patti---Thanks for stopping in, now don't be a stranger!

NHSuzanne: BJ=wildchicken, PTSD=post tramautic stress disorder, FB=f@cebook, LOL= laugh out loud, IDK= I don't know (literally).

Your weekend sounds GREAT! Would LOVE to get a perrenial border going I am going to work on that SOON and make some guerilla gardening seed bombs wth all of the seeds I've collected so far: LOTS of Shasta daisies (does anyone need some seeds?) I'm happy to mail them! Artic lupine (a few volunteers popped up after our lot was bulldozed & since they are too hard to transplant, I'm working around them---I love lupines! Tons of cosmos--I can never have enough! Also some day lilies (orange.) My 3 little apple trees are bearing fruit and the deer are eating them all! I did pick some and make some apple juice the other day tho'.

Milkdud: Yeah, your DH's sneaky snacking has caught up with him! I work with my DH, so when he has a mid-afternoon milkshake, I know it! he just flunked his life insurance physical, but won't do anything about it, so my mouth is SHUT. I'm just going to make healthier meals at home and see how it goes.

Dee: You might want to just put a fresh vacumme bag in the vacuum and run the hose part underneath your china hutches and furniture, then tear open the bag and pick through it for the ring---ya never know. I've recovered earrings that way.

Wodka: Liver stories: When I knew we were having liver, I would wear my rubber boots to the dinner table and put the liver down my boots, then go straight out to the dog and feed him! That dog knew it was treat time when I wore my boots to dinner!

HI MADDIE!!!!!!! Yes, Alli---what a sweetie! I normally hear from Zig at Christmastime when we exchange cards and pictures.

Well, I actually made it to the "big" grocery store here today (it's closed on Sunday-and there is only one community grocery here.) I have been going to the small store each day in town and making dinners on the fly. BUT!---I bought everything I need to start my Mediterranean diet. I was going to start Monday, but I am instead starting Sunday (tomorrow.) My Med diet book & recipe book should arrive by air on Tuesday! I'm pretty excited about this. I looked up recipes last night and this morning and am planning the week'S meals tonight. I might post some of the better, easier recipes here.

Okay, everyone---enjoy the weekend and if anyone wants Northwestern Shasta Daisy seeds, lemmee know!!!!

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