black-thumbJune 28, 2010

So I am considering purchasing this DVD set. I'm not sure if I will be able to do it since I have some Knee problems but am willing to try it out and at least see if I can. It seems very difficult but has great reviews (other than some mentioning possible knee issues).

Does anyone have it?

Anyone about to get it?

I would love to get a support group together and we can check our progress with this program.

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Hi! I am in week 4 of the Insanity program, and it is a love-hate relationship. The workouts are definitely some of the hardest I've done - and I played college volleyball! And yet, I'm getting better and stronger everyday and starting to see a difference in my body. Not to mention the boost to my self-esteem from completing some of the hardest workouts on the market!

Here's the thing. You are jumping, squatting, and lunging literally everyday. I do the DVDs on carpet so I have a nice soft surface and haven't had any issues with sore joints, but my workout partners who are a little older than me (I'm 29 yrs) have been complaining about sore knees. Shoes and your workout surface are obviously going to make a big difference, but just realize that every workout contains intense jumps, squats, lunges, sprints, etc.

That being said, I would highly recommend it. I am so grateful to be doing it with a couple of friends because I don't think I could get through the workouts on my own! They are TOUGH.

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Hi Sandcastle

Congrats on making it to week four that is an acomplishment! I just got the DVD's in the mail and I've been watching them. I always watch a workout DVD before I do it. These workouts are labor intensive, just plain non stop! I was laughing while watching one because only Shaun and one other person was still doing the exercise everyone else was laid out! LOL

I am going to do my fit test tomorrow and then start on monday. I have to say his meal plan is the only one I've seen that I will actually do. I guess because the meals are simple and not elaborate. I'm not much for cooking these days.

I would like to know who designed the packaging though. At first I said is this a book! I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to put this thing now. Regular DVD packaging would have been find and saved on shipping.

I can't wait to get started. I'm mentally prepared for the butt kicking!

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Well I just completed my first fit test. If being able to do this stuff means your fit well I'm seriously lacking. I had to laugh at myself a few times. Iv'e done Billy and Turbo Jam but this is different. I had to take a two min. break between each exercise. The only one I won't do are push-ups. Sorry never have never will, I will leave that for the men. That's just me though more power to anyone else who wants to do them.

I will be starting the workouts on Monday and I know it will be a challenge but with everything it gets better over time I'm sure. Billy was hard to me at first too.

Here are my fit test results

Fit test 1 results (day 1)

Switch kicks - 48
Power jacks - 7
Power knees - 56
Power jumps - 81

Globe jumps - 5
Suicide jumps - 11
Push-up jacks - 0
Low plank oblique - 7

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Good work Black-Thumb, the hardest part is getting started! My friends and I just started the seconds month of workouts and they are BRUTAL. I'm very sore today and it honestly feels like starting all over. Not to mention it was over 60 minutes rather than the 40 minutes you get used to doing in month 1. I actually think that at this point we are going to take it a bit easier - still work through the same schedule but not do it every single day. That's the only way I'll be able to stay in it mentally. I'm mentally tired of getting my butt kicked!

Did you notice that the packaging and handouts that come with the program are full of typos? That kind of stuff drives me nuts! I think they skipped the whole editorial process just to get the DVDs out there.

Best wishes.

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There is a great website called I just did the HIIT Workout. It's free and a pretty good workout. They have quite a few to try.

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