elliptiacal machines

Marie418June 18, 2002

Does anyone have one of these? How do you like it? Would it be better than a trendmill or leslie sansones tapes?

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I have one and I use it quite a bit. It seems to me to be better exercise than a treadmill and MUCH less noise. On a treadmill I have trouble hearing anything but the motor. I do trainer one day and tapes another
Have fun

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Me too, I love mine. I bought it off a personal party, the Proforma one by Sears. Love it! At first it was tough but now I can do 20 minutes at a time.
I have used treadmills but I like the elliptical cuz it is easy on the joints.


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Yes the eliptical machines are definitely easier on the joints. I alternate using the eliptical machine one day and run on the treadmill on my other days. I use an anti-inflammatory on the days I run on the treadmill. I have to otherwise I'm dying on the treadmill. Every part from my knee down aches early into my runs. Ugh. Eliptical machines are a definite way to go. I have no choice being that I'm a natural runner and love running, so I'm always on the treadmill at the gym. Plus I'm training for the Marathon and that can't be done on no eliptical trainer. Too bad...

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