Core Sculptor?

ramriceJune 8, 2007

Has anyone tried the Core Sculptor yet? I can't seem to find any reviews of it (other than on HSN). Supposedly, you do 10-15 minutes worth of 8 exercises once a day. I already workout at the gym. I'm just looking for something else to strengthen my core and something I can do on the days where I work 16 hours.

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I'm sure it will work but these sort of gadgets often collect dust after a few weeks. If you want a gizmo to do abb work, get something useful like a fitness ball. This will give you a great range of motion for abb work and will also work balance at the same time. As you advance you can add weights. Also, the ball can be used for stretching and toning leg, bun, hip,spine and more when you can't make it to the gym. For around $25 you can't go wrong with something so multi purpose.

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