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lunchlady1948September 4, 2006

Will Power vs Curly Fries

I saw this at CURVES the other day:)

It was 106 yesterday:( And it feels as if it is just as hot today:(

I went over to my older DD's yesterday for a brunch with her family we were just a mile from the ocean and it still was HOT!! I am so tired of the heat, I can not function in the heat at all:( My house is getting messy, and I am behind on chores because I am too hot to clean. Whine Whine!! LOL!!

OHOH!! I was a cute pair of ankle pants to the brunch sized 10!! I looked good LOL!!!

Have a good week:)

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Glad you are finally seeing yourself in a positive way LL. Keep up the good work.

I'm feeling much better but still a little off. I think by mid week I should be ready to get back on the WW horse. Right now I am still either not hungry at all or nothing much tastes good so I mostly graze and not necessarily on the good stuff. :-( My sleep is really messed up too. I will sleep a couple of hours and then be wide awake and have to read or get up. I'm sleeping in the guest room this week or poor DH wouldn't get any rest. Around 9 am yeaterday I woke up starving for something spicy. All I could find was a can of fat free chili and I almost ate the whole can instead of the cup I normally eat. Then I had a cup of vanilla ice cream. I guess my body is crying out for nutrition after eating so little the past few days. This has been a pretty "dry" cold. Mostly headache and overall weakness. DS and his GF still have a cough from theirs. Mine stayed in my head thank goodness.

Thankfully our weather has been great. I don't know what I'd do if we were having a heat wave. Is the 106 along with high humidity? I think I'd die. I don't mind dry desert heat up to say 103 but add in humidity and fugedaboudit.

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WC glad you are feeling better~~~I get head colds several times a year. I get them from the kids or else it is all the dirty money I touch from the kids. They just wipe me out. I very seldom take off work with them, just muddle through. This year I have given myself persmission to stay home. They hurt so bad and I to not function right! I thought I was gwetting one last week, imagine getting sick the first week of school LOL! I also eat alot then since I feel hungry but nothing taste good~~~I eat and eat looking for something good:(

We do not have high humidity, but the heat just zaps me! Yesterday was 106 AGAIN:( It just put me in such a foul mood:( I just wanted everyone cats included to leave the house:( Of course that did not happen!!

Just read the paper and it is supposed to start cooling off back to the high 90's as if that is cool!!!

Hope everyone has a great week~~~and drinks lots of water!

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Hi strangers! I see a few familiar names. So after being away from WW for over 24 months, I have gone over where I was when I originally joined WW the first time.

So I started back last week! Hope to be back at lifetime someday!

Anyway, I'll type more later but wanted accountability so I will try and find time to post here with you guys. I find that I need accountability, and the meetings to succeed. not sure if it's hormones or job stress but I seem to need the help to get it done.

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Welcome back Trekaren. I remember you. I just got back here myself a couple months back. It sure is easier to lose it than to keep it off. Hope to see you posting here often.

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HI, Trekaren

They say people will lose more and keep it off it they attend meetings. It is about accountability I am sure. I am in my second month of Lifetime. It was a hard summer for me with all of the vacationing , but I am hanging in there. I really want to try and go to my reg mtgs every Friday, but am just not sure I will make it.

I believe if we could kick this high heat we are having everyday that would help me! I just veg on the couch with fans on my when I am home and much too much:(

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My story, I joined when I worked at my last job. I was able to do lunch visits. I loved my leader, and though I lost slowly, I did ok. It's a very do-able eating plan.

Then May of 2004 I quit that job. I was home for 4 months, remodeling house, etc. and didn't really stick to it. Since I was no longer working at that job, it was hard to get to that meeting location. I have meetings near my home but I said to myself, "Self, you'll never like any other leader as much as this leader".

(I know, excuses excuses). So I also thought I could do it all on my own. Well without accountability and journaling, and support from friends in the group, I gained. Very very slowly but over the course of the last 27 months, I guess I gained an average of 1 lb a month. (about the same rate as I lost it originally).

Amazing how it sneaks up! Anyway I went back to work 2 years ago this week. Tried to find a WW nearby but this job rarely allows me to get away for lunch, so I knew I would never stick to it.

So a couple of weeks ago, an old family friend chatted me online, and said she joined in June, and has lost 15 lbs so far. I asked if I could go with her to her evening meeting and she was happy to have a WW buddy!!! So I joined up last Thursday.

I am following the flexpoints plan. I have been doing great with the eating, not really hitting a lot of the 35 extra, except for on Labor Day (used a few for 'liquid refreshments') :-)

I'll know more tommorrow when I go for my first WI!

Oh by the way, another mom at my DD's school joined right about the time I left and has lost all her weight. She looks great. Well when I got to the meeting she was also going to this meeting! So two good friends, who are a lot of fun to be around, are both in my Thursday meeting!

Used to - I did Monday's because I felt it kept me accountable over the weekend. But I also think Thur is good - you get a good boost of willpower heading into the weekend.

Anyhow! hoping I'll see you in the lifetime circle again soon!!!!

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TK good for you going back and all~~~this was my 4th time back~~I think this is the one that will stick. The plans are so much easier to follow now. I did the Core Plan, but switch to Flex if I seem to be eating too much, which happened over the summmer. A biggie that helped me was packing my lunches for work, I started March first and have packed lunches ever since:) Except for summer when I was off, I think that from now on I will pack ,lunches in the summer too.

I did not know anyone at my meetings but I am very social and love meeting new people so it never bothered me. I also liked my leader alot too.

Ruthie how are you doing??? What is the weather like at you place?? It is going to be 106 again today:(

WC I see it is a bit warm in your area too~~~they did an article in the paper the other day about that Santanna shopping area:) I really did love it there so upscale. I am not such an upscale person but really love upscale areas~~~I know you all were not happy with it:( Maybe if I come your way again we can just go for a bit :)

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The date on this thread is confusing me. Did you forget to flip your calendar LL? :0)

I have decided that Monday will be my first real on program WW day. My tastebuds are still way off. All I want is Mexican or spicy Asian food.

LL Santana Row can be pleasant on a warm summer night. There are outdoor musicains and a few good restaurants. I wouldn't mind going there with you. I do have a preference for the older aspects of my town. Have you ever visited Japantown while you were here? We also have some pretty parks for walking.

It's warm but not uncomfortable. The house stays OK as long as I keep the blinds drawn and the evening breeze comes in pretty early. This is my favorite weather. I dread winter.

Trekaren, good for you. I used to go to Thursday meeting and it does inspire you to do well over the weekend.

Ruthie where are you? Check in.

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Hey you all...doing good but just really busy...headed to San Antonio today to do so preliminary checking on a hot tub...probably not going to eat well today...LOL

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LOL!!!! WC it took me a full 5 minutes to figure out what was wrong with the date!!! HMMM I was either caffine deprived, hungry or just having a senior moment:)

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