Specific exercises for osteoporosis

mollie_bookloverJune 24, 2006

Recently diagnosed with "severe" osteoporosis. I think much due to chemo a few years ago.

Anyone know good exercises and those to avoid? I know lifting weights and walking are good. Anything else? TIA!

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I would think...key word is "think" that core exercises would be great to strengthen your body...things like pilates and yoga. Did you search Google using that term...

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Would you be able to visit a physical therapist for advice on the best exercises for you? Weight bearing exercise is usually the most helpful, but to get specific exercises for yourself to help build bone and not hurt yourself would best come from a professional.

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Weight-bearing exercise is the best for osteoporosis. There are a couple books you can pick up on Amazon.com. I think one is called "Exercises for Osteoporosis."

Here is a link that might be useful: Osteoporosis Information

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Yoga is supposed to be excellent for this.

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