Avon's 4 way Ab Stretch

perk2June 2, 2004

I need to get rid of some flab (mainly tummy) and am wondering if anyone has bought and used Avon's Pilates 4 Way Ab Stretch? It is basically a rope with stretch and you put the hoops on your feet and arms and pull. Looks neat and it is a Pilates so am wondering if anyone can give me some input on this? THANKS

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Perk - I remember a woman I work with telling me she had ordered the Avon product you are referring to. I will check with her and get back to you (although I haven't seen any change in her appearance, so I'm not holding out much hope!). Unless of course, she simply never used it!

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Thanks Kathy I will be waiting for your input. Hopefully she just didn't use it that is why no change LOL

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