WANTED: Critter coverlette patterns

girlsingardensJanuary 12, 2007

Looking for any of the Down on the Farm Creations Critter coverlette patterns. I have the frog and lion but am looking for any of the other patterns. I think that these came out in the 1970's and the pattern makes a child sized quilt in the shape of different animals. I want to make one for each of my girls and the new baby. My grandma made me the frog one when I was little and I still use it.

Thanks Stacie

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I'm wondering if this is the same pattern that my grandma made for me & my brother....back in the 70's! My grandma made me a cat & made a dog for my brother. I still have my cat, but it's in pretty sad condition.

Let me know if you ever find this pattern.


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(Apologies if you get 2 messages; the website is misbehaving!)
I made these coverlets for my kids in the 70s and now would like to make them for my grandkids (why do we ever throw these things out??). I have Frog and may soon have Squirrel, Duck, and Owl. Would be happy to lend them for copying if you'd be willing to lend Lion (one of my favorites). I'd pay postage, of course, and return the pattern to you ASAP.

Lisa Aumack

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If you can't find the originals maybe searching a child's color book would yield some. Maybe, that is! I've gotten patterns for Nursery Rhymns and other pictures that way. Made a Humpty Dumpty pillow for each of my kids and they hung onto them until they were out of High School.

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I realize this is an old post but I am also looking for the patterns for the lion, hippo, frog and elephant. I have the patterns for the chicken, rabbit, squirrel, and a pig from the critter coverlette. I would be happy to make a copy for any of mine in exchange for any of those listed above that I want.

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I need the bunny and have the lion...

Give me a call at 303-775-1248 or an email at pat@patconnett.com.



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Yes these blogs are not current, but my daughter just today asked me to make a lion like her husband got from his grandma, who is no longer with us. If someone has the pattern that I can get from them, we would be just delighted. They have a baby due at the end of the year and want this for their soon to be.
Thank You

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OK, I'm even later to the party. I have the frog, lion and Heathcliff and will swap for any others.

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I have the Lion and the Elephant. I also have a beautiful Puppy dog quilt which is different than the critters coverlette.

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I have a bunny, hippo (WHICH I change from a skirt for the girls to a pair of pants for the boys..) frog. swan, otter, barn and a hen. Would love to get the lion and dog and any others I might be able to locate. also the elephant that I see others have. My phone # is 1-319-333-1597 Thank you Bette

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I have found some of them on E-bay, including Santa, squirrel, owl, elephant, and frog. I think there may be a lion there, too.

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I have the dog, cat, squirrel, race car, 18 wheeler truck, elephant, and frog. Would love to trade for others.

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Correction to my list of Critter Coverlettes. I have Frog #107, Duck #123, Race Car #126, Elephant #102, Truck 18 Wheeler #109 (easily changed to Fire Engine), Cat #110, Dog #111, Squirrel #113

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Does anyone have the instructions to the Dog Critter coverlette the would be will to e-mail me.


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gjblev's Hi I was wondering if you were willing to let me make a copy of your race car, frog, and truck pattern.. I myself have the following patterns: turtle, lion, cat, dog, duck, chicken, owl, hippo, elephant, squirrel, bunny, rocking horse, pig, and cow. if you would like a of any of the ones I have, you can contact me at jackiesquiltedcritters@yahoo.com
thank you!!

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I have collections of both the Critter Coverlettes (30+) and Kiddie Komfies (20+) I love to connect with others that love these vintage patterns. I have extra original patterns of many of them. I have albums of my collections on Facebook. You can contact me at jane_blvns@yahoo.com. for more information.

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I have extra original patterns of: Angel #134, Cat #110, Clown #129, Cow #121, Dog #111, Duck #123, Elephant #102, Frog #107, Hen #106, Hippo #103, Honey Bear #116, Lion #101, Otter #119, Owl #105, Panda #115, Pig #120, Rabbit #104, Race Car #126, Rocking Horse #128, Squirrel #113, and Truck #109
I also have Kiddie Komfies: Elephant #112, Horse #114, Raccoon #115, Skunk #108, and Reindeer.
E-mail me for prices.

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Just wanted to update my list of extra patterns. I have extras of Critter Coverlettes: Cat #110, Cow #121,Dog #111, Duck #123, Elephant #102, Frog #107, Hen #106, Hippo #103, Honey Bear #116, Lion #101, Owl #105, Pig #120, Rabbit #104, Race Car #128, Squirrel #113, and Truck #109. Kiddie Komfies: Donkey #119, Dragon #116, Elephant #112, Horse #114, Raccoon #115, Reindeer (from a magazine), and Skunk #108.
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about these patterns. I have a large collection of coverlette patterns from the 70's and 80's not only the ones listed above but also from Hugglebuggies, McCalls and several others. I also do my own designs. You can see my Facebook albums by visiting me at Gloria Blevins in Montgomery TX.

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