What's your favorite green tea?..

thad_huffmanSeptember 5, 2004

My wife thinks Celestial Raspberry gardens is heavenly...She drinks it over ice...Thad

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I love the Celestial tea offerings! They all taste SO good!

And, although it's not GREEN tea, I am addicted to Constant Comment decaf tea!


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I buy gunpowder green tea from a local tea merchant. It's very flavorful. Nothing at all like the green tea I buy in bags at the grocery store which taste like floor sweepings in comparison to whole tea leaves.

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Thanx everybody..Thad

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NHSuzanne - "floor sweepings" ... LOL what a great term! Personally, I haven't found a green tea I loved. In fact, I have to empty my pantry 'tea bag area' and start again. I've spent a small fortune on my quest for the best green tea. Settling on arizona pre-made for now.

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You really should try to find a local tea merchant and sample the teas. They are usually very helpful. Loose tea takes a bit more work but it's not a problem when you have a tea ball, etc. I have even mastered making a pitcher of green tea for ice tea. I really like the gunpowder green the best although there are several green teas, sans the artificial flavoring of the bagged versions, to sample.

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Suzanne, your right. We have lots of trendy "tea shoppes" here (you know, ladies luncheon teas with gloves and all, hummmm - nice atmosphere) Anyway, not so many tea merchants - would Starbucks or Barnies be appropriate? I really like loose tea, prepared in japanese restaurants it is so traditional and tastes sooo good.

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You can try Starbucks but I don't know if they have a good selection. I do know that most specialty coffee companies, like Starbucks, usually carry tea as well. So if you don't have a tea house try the coffee places around I am sure you find some good teas too.

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I take the capsules! I'm a diehard coffee drinker.

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