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lunchlady1948September 25, 2006

Good Morning Ladies:)

The weather has been so nice here lately have a bit of heat and windy but that is normal for this time of year. It really is starting to feel like fall:) I may even put my fall decorations out:)

OK!! OK!!! This is a fresh week for me and I am off to another good start! I can do it! Also my thumb has healed enough now that I am going back to CURVES and working my butt off this week:)

Drink lots of water and have a great day!!

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It definitely feels like fall now! The weekend was warm and muggy but then the front came thru and now it's blue sky and crisp days! I want to play hooky after lunch on Friday and take DD to the fair before it ends!!!!


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Have called ww and am going to meeting next tue. I am doing really good so far with my life change. (I hate the word diet) Beautiful days have made me want to get out and exercise. Lovely.

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Interesting you should say life change.

I have been in a reflecting mood this week; mainly thinking back over the 27 months since I made lifetime at WW, left WW, and gradually gained back more than I lost.

For whatever reason - hormones, age, metabolism, whatever - I simply cannot go back to eating blindly again.

As I journey back to lifetime this time around, I am trying to find ways to keep this eating style in my life consistently and for life.

Also in my self-reflection, I have come to truly believe for me, meetings are key. Not sure if I will ever get to a point that I do not need them. They aren't for everyone, but they are KEY to me for long-term maintenance.

Maybe this time I will just try to keep it interesting and always pick meetings that are at a location or time that really fits into whatever my life is doing at that time.

Tomorrow is WI for me. I had all my clothes in the laundry, so this morning I ventured into the too-tight section of my closet, and I'm wearing a pair of jeans I have not worn in over a year!!!!!!!!

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TK good for you on the jeans:) I agree it is much better to call it a lifestyle change. That is how I went into it too and I struggle at times but over all it is working for me.

I weighed in a CURVES on Monday and right at my goal weight! That was a surpise to me~~my WW's WI is this Friday. Just think IF I really ate right on track what I could weigh???

I agree meetings are key, I have not gone since I became a lifer just to weigh in. With vacationss and my DH days off being Fri/Sat this month it put me off his days off next month are Sun/Mon so I will start back to the meetings~~I know that will help me:)

Gotta go and feed Americas Kids

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WI was last night. I lost another 1 pound, and got my 5 pound bookmark!!! I am very excited! I have never lost 5 in 4 weeks before.

Anyway, thanks for being my anchor you all!

And my thought for the week: If your clothes have hung in your closet long enough, they come back in style! I wore a pair of skinnyleg jeans I have not worn in a long time this week!!!

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Hi all....good to see everyone posting...I just got back from the gym and am doing a cool down before I shower so I thought I would check my email and a couple of boards...I am at 149 so I am really pushing myself to get on the losing track again....I have had a good day of eating so I hope to get the scale moving down...went to San Antonio to finalize a hot tub choice and went by sam's and bought lots of good staples...lots of chicken and fish and some frest fruit too...going to do some fish tonight...I love eating healthy so it isn't an issue with me...I am still doing WW''s but with a low fat and low glycemic twist to eat...stay fit everyone and keep working on it...

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YAHOO!!! TK good for you!! You are doing great!!! Yup skinny leg jeans are back in style wouldn't ya know it right when I finally got my flared ones I promised myself if I lost my weight!!

Ruthie it is nice to see you~~~I agree I like eating healthy too~~I have been off track and almost lost my way. But I have doned good the last few days. I had my WI tonight and~YAHOOO~~I am right at my goal weight!! I was holding my breath!!! My leader told me I have to come back to the meetings they miss me:) Her receptionist said so too:) I told her I will be there starting next week, my DH is going on his Mon/Tues days off so it will be easier. I even helped a couple of gals while I was there. One was beating herself up over a 2 pound weight gain and another was new:) My leader had talked to me about being a receptionist at the meetings now I may think about it. I like helping people. I wish they just had a greeter job:) I speak out alot at meetings where as most gals keep quiet so it makes it harder for the leaders~~~I love to talk so no problem there:)

Have a great weekend I will be helping DD move into her 'upstairs' apt. That will be my exercise for the weekend.

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