Is this good 'housewarming' etiquette (or is it just me)?

rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7July 18, 2008

Hi, folks! My husband and I recently received a housewarming invitation from someone he works with. Tucked inside was a little insert listing the stores at which they were registered. We had never heard of such a thing!

This is not their first home, they are not recently married, etc. Heck, my husband doesn't even know the guy all that well, lol.

We were wondering if this was a common thing or as odd as we think it is. The other people at the workplace were a bit put off, as well.

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I'd be very tempted to go to the housewarming and not bring a thing...ok, well maybe just a card...

That's really tacky especially for a housewarming. I don't think it's common at all unless I've missed something.

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Tacky Tacky!!
I wouldn't be going to that party!
Linda C

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what LindaC said.

It's tacky and greedy. I would not bother attending at all.

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Geesh, the gall of some people! What gift grabbers. It is not common at all for a housewarming party. It's tacky to put the registration info in with wedding invitations and just as tacky to put it in a housewarming party invite. I'd be tempted to go and not bring a gift at all. If your husband doesn't know the man that well are you going? NancyLouise

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First of don't throw your own house warming party....and if you do, you don't call it a "house warming" call it an open house or something similar.
Throwing your own house warming and including a gift registration (!!!! ACK!) is like sending out invitations for your own wedding shower!

Speaking of which, there is a woman here who's daughter is getting married, out of town, the girl has not lived in town for maybe 12 years, and the mother is asking her "friends" who have impressive houses, to give a dinner shower for her daughter. As far as I know, there are no takers! I was not on the home is, apparantly, not impressive enough!
People give parties for you beacuse they love you, or because you gave a party for them, or because they hope you will give a party for them....but you don't ever EVER give yourself a party where you expect gifts....and you certainly never ask someone to give a party for you or your child!
Tacky, greedy, money grubbing, selfish, clueless, selfserving....and just plain rude!
If they are giving a house warming and asking for gifts, they just better be serving filet mignon, fresh asparagus hollandaise, twice baked potatoes, Moet et Chandon ( to celebrate their lovely new home!) and a fabulous dessert table...And all the fine wines and mixed drinks you can consume...but I'll bet that's not on the agenda...
Linda C

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Well, you've all responded with exactly the same sentiments that we had! TACKY and GREEDY. No, we didn't attend the party, and I doubt that many others did, either.

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That is so amazingly tacky. Unfortunately not that uncommon. (A step-SIL's friend recently included registry info for a baby shower but noted that they would much prefer cash!!! Yikes.)

I think you should print off this thread and send it to them in an anonymous New Home card. (Obviously take out anything that makes you, you here.)

This way they will get the hint and hopefully they will learn a lesson for the future.

Keepin' it classy in WA.


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I read this thread after the bring-this-or-that to the party besides a gift did they also ask you to bring some food for the party??now that really would have covered it all;)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The party is over and done with and we absolutely did NOT go! Apparently, most of the other work-place people felt the same way we did, too. I'm still shaking my head over it. They missed out on a great opportunity for some great socializing in their new home. Isn't THAT what a housewarming is all about?

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someone gave them some bad advice. That is the tackiest thing ever.

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Once years ago I got an invitation from a co-worker to a "green back housewarming party". I didn't even know what it was. Once we figured it was a party to which you bring money, we declined. So did everyone else, and it was cancelled. As gdmarie stated, they had gotten some really bad advice.

Yep, they missed out on a great time due to greediness. Sad, actually.


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