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lunchlady1948September 18, 2006

Good Morning Ladies :)

I am off to a good start with my breakfast and will TRY to do well the rest of the day. Hope you all are too:)

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Hi! I think I'm doing ok. Like I said in the other thread, I have gotten rid of the Kisses from my desk at work. Now when I get the hungries, I have my Dole fruit cups to eat.

I am also doing better on dairy and water, even though it's freezing here at work. But I can do it - just focus my mind on my goals instead of the temperature. And I do have chances to get up and go outside, to try and get the chill off.

Exercise: doing well. Did a lot of exercise on Saturday, with a 2.5 mile walk, and then 5 hours with DD cleaning out her playroom! Gee it was a MESS, and the backs of my legs are so sore from bending over and picking stuff up. She was even sore at the end of the cleanup!

Also - the meeting talk last week was about little 2 minute things you can do to fit in exercise without trying. :-)

I have been doing side leg-lifts while brushing my teeth. Two sets of 20 on each leg. I think over time, little by little, those leglifts will be good for my waist and hips.

And my dentist will be happy with my longer brush time :-)

Not sure if I'll lose another chintzy 1/4 pound as usual at the WI, but my clothes are fitting better!!! Not really down a size or anything; however, my shirts and bras fit great now!

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Arrrgh. Me shipmate wished ta dine ashore. I held me gluttony at bay and plan to chart a straight course on this brite day.

Avast! It be "Talk Like A Pirate Day". Arrrrrr.

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Sigh - another Sleepless in Atlanta night.

Ethel, my cat, discovered another roach at 2 a.m.!!!!!!

Woke me up with all her clutter clatter. I got some TP to grab it with and flush it, but then she knocked it down the floor vent.

So....needless to say, I never got back to sleep after that! Kept thinking I heard scratching and movement, and was creeped out beyond belief.

Called my terminix guy today - he's coming on Friday.

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Hi everyone...all is going well here...I'm doing my yearly physical so I have appts with everyone in town..Did the bone scan this am and some shoulder xrays and this afternoon I have an appointment with dr about my cholesterol...Weight is good and getting exercise...not everyday but still good...I'll be back as soon as I can...doing a show this weekend and too busy...

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Hi Ruthie, I was wondering about you. Today I am finally in the groove I think. Eating right and journaling again. Let myself slack off a bit and gained 2 pounds over the 2 weeks. Plan to take them off now and get going on the next 10.

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BOO HOO!!! I am on a eating freak out right now!!! I feel so stressed:( It is nothing really just having people in the house all of the time is driving me crazy!! YAHOOO DD found an apt and will be moving with her biting cat next weekend:) I am so used to my alone time and I have lost it since June and I just need it back!! I have gained about 3-4 pounds but still hanging in there:)

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I had a very 'hungry' week last week, and my loss slowed down to a crawl because I had some unhealthy choices around me.

Anchor yourself during this stressful time with some 1 and 2 point snacks for when the hungries ATTACK! Sugarfree chocolate pudding (1 point - yum! my fave afternoon snack), dole fruit bowls (get that fruit in with an EZ snack pack), Popcorn for when you are in a salty mood, etc.

You can eat, you just need to keep the good snacks at your fingertips!

(can you tell last night's talk was about Anchoring!)

My anchor since last week is my snack drawer at work. When the day gets nuts, I have these 1 point and 2 point snacks at my fingertips!

I got rid of the hershey kisses until my willpower has control again.

and at WI last night I was down another 1.6 pounds!! You guys!! This is awesome! I did NOT lose like this on WW two years ago. I used to lose so sloooooow that it was frustrating. I never ever lost a pound in a week.

I'm not sure what's the key this time. I just keep telling myself consistency is the key, and to not let my guard down. I treat myself on the weekends (we all need a treat), and I cushion the treats with a big salad first, or something like that. (like last weekend I went to a Pampered Chef party, ate the pillsbury-dough-filled treats, but also munched on veggie tray items to add 'fill' to my tummy so that I didn't overdo the treats.

Update on my BUGGY problem
Had the bug man here today to spray, so no more 2 a.m. cat-cockroach races thru my bedroom !!!

Let's have a moment of silence for the poor cockroaches.
Ok that's enough!!!!! ROFL!!!!!

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TK thanks for the pep talk~~I think what I really need to do is start going to weekly mtgs again. When you are a lifer you only have to weigh in once a month. I think I need the mtgs and will start back next week! Tonight I am going to a soup making class with my pal YUM. Of course they will not be legal soups but maybe I can make them:)

We had the anchor talk at one of our meetings too:)

What did you buy at the PC party?? A gal at our Curves sells the stuff, I usually do not buy but have a skillet and can strainers on order:) I do love their stuff it is just pricey:( With this skillet you can make that sticky monkey bread out of canned biscuits some other off program stuff and just pop it in your oven~~do the same thing and make garlic bread too:)

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I really don't need anything. I have all my favorite items already, and don't really need more.

But she's a good friend, so I bought the gourmet tea, their healthy cookbook, the rectangular stone, and one of their new line of knives. Of all of it, the knife was expensive but "they say" you pay a lot for good knives :-)

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I'm new here. I have alot of weight to loose. So here I am. I started my diet today. Weighed this a.m. Wow, I have alot to loose for real. Ellen

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HI! Ellen glad too see you here:)I just left you a message on your post. Just take it 10lbs at a time Ellen that will seem more doable HMM is that a word even???

I have to weigh in at my WW's next friday so I will be posting here heavy this week and drinking lots of water!!! I am so bad I am the person that only flosses the week before I go to the dentist:(

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LOL I located a WW in my area. Well, 25 miles away, but we live in a small town, so this WW will be fine. I am going to encourage a neighbor to go with me if I can come up with the right words. Hey, like I'm fat, your fat, let's head on down to WW. Naw, don't think that would fly. I'll think of something.:-)

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