*sigh* It's Mother's Day!!!

superbeeMay 9, 2004

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

DH and DS were kind enough to take me out to lunch at my favorite restaurant. I am sure I have gained a few extra pounds with just one delicious lunch! Now I will have to walk extra miles to get those extra pounds off :(

Ahhh at least I've made the resolution to exercise :)

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Hi Superbee!

Are you still sticking to the exercising? I try to walk everyday. Most of the time I'm raring to go...but some days, whewwww. My mind says go, go, go...but my feet say no, no, no.

Let us know,


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Oh Pam I sooo understand what you're going through! But strangely enough, the REVERSE is what is happening to me now. I had sinus surgery a couple of weeks ago and the doctor said NOT to exercise for two weeks. So now my feet says go, go, go but my mind says no, no, no you better put your feet up or you will end up with more bleeding through the nose (I've had enough of that this past 10 days). Well I still have 5 days to go out of the two weeks and then I will be all set to exercising again. I am actually looking forward to it, although I am not sure I will look forward to it THAT MUCH once the day arrives LOL.


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