Eat breakfast before exercising?

marie26May 13, 2007

I just purchased an eliptical trainer and plan to use it for 30 minutes first thing each morning. Should I eat breakfast before working out? If I shouldn't eat a full breakfast, what type of food (if any) should I be eating and can I eat it just prior to exercising? Since I don't like water, I will be forcing myself to drink it while on the machine.

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I use an elliptical in the morning and I eat first. I don't know that it matters particularly if you eat before or after if you aren't prone to low blood sugar. I eat first because I am diabetic and exercise helps me to process my breakfast. If I wait, I lose much of the value of the exercise and I get so hungry that I eat too much to compensate. My neighbor does elliptical first, shower second, and breakfast third and that works for her.

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I eat fruit for breakfast before exercising for more energy.

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Eating before a workout can cause you to vomit.I usually have a glass of milk and something small such as a piece of fruit or a muffin. The milk keeps me hydrated and full. I also bake some muffins and freeze them. That way I can just defrost one or two in the morning.

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