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lunchlady1948September 12, 2006

Good Morning! Sorry I am late posting, I got lazy yesterday. Seems to be my new thing being lazy:)

How was everyones weekend?? Mine was OK, nothing exciting.

I have to tell you ladies I am struggling to stay on my mantience diet:( I do well for breakfast and lunch and usually dinner but in the evenings:( I think I need a hobby???? Maybe if I put a lock on the refer and the cupboards?? Any tips????

I do think I maybe a bit depressed?? Not sure, but I do feel off a bit:(

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I can't really advise on maintenance since I didn't do so well last time :-) I'd say journal journal journal, to get on track. Then take a day or two off for a break, then journal again.

So today is my first HUNGRY day. I'm starved. I think it is lack of sleep.

At any rate, I'm filling up on fruit as much as I can.

My very first WI last week - I lost 2.4 pounds in the first week!!!!

I never even lost a full pound last time around! I'm so psyched!

Trying not to set myself up to expect it too often though :-)

Anyway, hoping my starvation today and wanting to eat eat does not derail me. And I plan to get a good night's sleep tonight to help be stronger tomorrow.

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TK, 2.4 that is great:) Think positive and it will all happen:) I think I am tired or bored and stressed a bit, so that maybe my problem too:( keep up the good work!

Ruthie what cha doing???

WC is it nice and cool up there now???

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Perkladd are you lurking?? Let us know how you are doing???

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Where is everyone?????? I am getting lonely:(

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Hey Lunchlady,

I don't want you to get to lonely. Can you give me some tips for weight watchers. Do you depend mostly on fruits and veges? Lean Protein? I could use some help.



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Weight watchers is based on quality of the food as well as quantity.
At a high level you check the food's fiber content, then calories, then finally fat. On the whole, it should be high in fiber, moderate in calories and fat.

Based on age, and weight, they give you a target amount of points per day to hit.

For fruits, etc: We target about 8 glasses of water, 5 servings of fruits/veggies, two dairy servings, and 2 tblspn of healthy oils such as EVOO per day.

Consistency and portion control for me are key.

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hi all, well, I have decided it is time AGAIN. The last time I followed ww was a long time ago and I used to have the ww calculator on my desk top, but have since lost it. Do you know a site that I can get this back from. Any help would be appreciated. I am just gathering all my ww recipes as well.

thanks and good luck to all

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Hello all. Life keeps getting in the way but I'm still here. Here's a cut and paste from another forum for starters. This was 2 nights ago.

Well my day has started with a bang and I haven't been to bed yet. Around 2:30 am the dogs went crazy in the neighborhood. Our Rottie went absolutely nuts and I couldn't see what was going on so I called her back in. Our Lab who has a touch of Coonhound went out and joined in but not like the Rottie.

Shasta (the Rot) became extremely stressed when I tried to keep her in so after distracting her with play for a bit I let her go out in the backyard again around 4:30. Both dogs started going at the rear side fence and then I heard a splash, a crash and a lot of hissing, high pitched barking. Got DH up and we saw the dogs had crashed through the fence and they and a large racoon were all in the neighbors in ground pool.

DH goes around to the neighbors yard and I stay on our side. He's in the neighbors yard trying to corral 2 large dogs who are jumping in and out of the pool trying to get at the coon swimming in circles and the neighbors are nowhere to be seen.

Finally the neighbors turn on an upstairs light and call out their bedroom window to ask what is going on and DH tells them they have a coon in their pool. They don't say anything and turn out the light.

DH finally get both dogs back thru the fence. We get them in the house. He gets hammer and nails and repairs the fence. It is still dark and still no sign of neighbors in spite of all the commotion going on in their yard.

So now I'm sitting here waiting for 2 wet dogs to dry and the Rotti is strutting around so proud of herself for taking care of the" intruder" and our Lab/Coonhound acts like he just had a fantastic playdate at a pool party.

See life in the suburbs isn't always all that dull either.

DH had our anniversary dinner on Tues. Tonite I have a Red Hat dinner and on Sat. I have a Red Hat picnic. FOOD and more FOOD.

I'm not losing but I'm not gaining either. This is good ;) but I really need to get back on the program and go for he next ten pounds.

Jen, WW is great because unless you do their CORE program there are no bad foods. Lots of peeps have great success with the Points System. I don't so I do an old style food exchange plan from the 80's.

Great going Trekaren. Welcome Jen and Mooner. Waving at ya LL. Come and post Ruthie.

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WI was yesterday and as I guessed, it was a slow week - .2 pounds, so not too bad.

However, I can note differences between the first week and the second week in the spirit of complete honesty with myself.

1) Irregular sleep led to really hungry days. So whereas week 1 I would treat myself to 3 hershey kisses in the afternoon, this week I went overboard, and once the week was over, I had gone thru the whole bag.
FIX: Start getting to bed ontime, and keep treats OUT of my desk when I'm having a hungry week.
2) Dairy and water. It turned chilly here this week (well chilly to me) and the A/C at work turned the place into a refrigerator. So I was SO not in the mood for my chilly yogurt and cups of H2O. (plus why eat yogurt when there are hershey kisses) :-)
FIX: Until they get the seasonal switch made at the office so the temp is comfortable, I will wear warm pullovers. And FOCUS on the dairy and water checkboxes on my tracker!!!
And if my yogurt or water gives me the chills, I'll go climb the stairs to warm up!

Journaling is such a great way to keep me honest with myself, and I hope to have a good week for my third week!

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WC that was the funniest story~~I can just see you doing all of that:) What was up with your neighbors?? I could not sleep with all that going on and I would not leave a neighhbor in my yard doing all of the work?? Your doggies are strong to knock down the fence:)

WELCOME Jen and Mooner:) Glad to have ya!!

I think TK explained the program very well.

I have been struggling for the last two weeks now, my breakfast and lunch are good then I lose it about mid afternoon! I need to eat more fruit and drink more water!!

I will start journaling tomorrow:) Hopefully!! I get stressed easily lately, odd things have been happening to me:( I got side swiped yesterday on my way to CostCo the dumb person was reading a map:(. My Karma or MoJo is off and I need to get it back on track. Maybe Jackie needs to get her Groove on LOL!!

No matter what I will keep going on with WW's I love it!!

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In the spirit of honoring our pets, who keep us sane sometimes, here is MY recent (l o n g) story of a middle-of-the-night incident with my cat.

I'm awakened at 2 a.m. because Ethel, my gray tabby, knocked the phone off the bedside table. (DH sleeps thru it).

I get up, pick up the phone, and Ethel is still posed and ready to pounce. I look around but don't see anything in the darkness. Figure she has found a spider or something, and is chasing it.

I go back to bed. Just as I'm falling back asleep a bit later, here comes Ethel. She first attacks the vertical blinds, then comes SAILING into the bed on top of me. (DH still asleep).

I'm laying there, trying to make up my mind whether to get out of bed, and put Ethel in the basement so I can get some sleep. In mid-thought, a HUGE cockroach lands in my HAIR!! I SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER! I jump out of bed. At that time DH and DD finally wake up. I turn on the lights, and see it FLYING around the bedroom. This evil cockroach had WINGS!!!

DD says what is it? I said "IT'S A $#!^%#& ROACH AND IT'S LIKE THREE INCHES LONG!!!"

Ethel and DH chase it to try and kill it. Ethel finally corners it in a little plastic bag under the bed.

DH grabs it and takes it in the bathroom to kill and flush it. DD follows him. He kills it, then DD comes out and says, "Oh mom, it was NOT three inches long, it was maybe two inches at the most."

UGH! She was so calm about it LOL but I just could not get over it the rest of the night!!!

(gee wonder how many acivity points that counted for?)

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LOL!!! That would give me nightmares.

My best story is when DD's kitty was hanging upside down from from the cord on the mini blinds and I tried to grab him and he bite me and I ended up in urgent care for 3 hours~~~this a day before my Palo Alto/ San Francisco trip.
Ask WC, DD and I met her on the trip about three days later she saw my bandage. I still really love that kitty and will be sad when he moves out with my DD next month:(

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