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junebug1961May 20, 2005


About a week ago, I was channel surfing and saw on "Oprah" that B vitamins could help with OCD issues. I promptly purchased a time release bottle of B vitamins. It can take a while for any improvement of OCD symptoms, but in the meantime...I woke up a couple of mornings ago, and my body was pain-free! Usually, I toss and turn during the night with moderate to severe muscle and joint pain, and always wake up with body pain in my hips, knees, and muscles. I have always attributed this to my age (44) and level of activity (high). The only thing I have done differently in the past week is the b vitamin pills. Does anyone know if b vitamins are supposed to relieve pain? I strongly encourage any of you with body pain to give this a whirl. Please get back to me if you have heard of the link between b vitamins and pain relief.


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I just did a quick search on Google under "B vitamins pain" and found quite a few entries. You might want to take a look.

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Junebug, how interesting! Like Joann, I did a search and read some encouraging stuff. What is the potency of your time-release B vitamins?



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