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lgiorgiDecember 12, 2007

We are going to buy a new tv for our den. How high up should the screen be from the floor? I guess the tv will be about 45 inches. Are there any set rules?

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Whatever is comfortable for you.

Most people don't like to look up to watch tv.

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At first I thought so too...

but think about the movie theaters, most screens are above "eye level" and are OK, as long as you don't sit in the front rows and bend your neck back.

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Here is a link to the THX website page on screen placement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here.

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I went on the THX website and I don't get it. They recommend to be 6.5 feet away for a 65 inch TV??? I will be 12 feet away from the TV in my new house and I was told not to go bigger than 46 inches. What am I missing?

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"The Cinema Affect". AKA the ability to suspend reality and "get lost" in the movie.

Many things go into the Cinema Affect.

Size of image and view distance are two. You need to have the image large enough to fill up much of your vision area.

A dark room for no visual distractions.

A proper setup and sounding audio system, set at the correct volume, for realism in the soundtrack.

Comfortable seating. Hard to get into the movie when you are distracted by a sore rear end.

If you dig into that THX website there is a ton of information on how to setup a correct home theater.

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i have always read not more than 15 degrees above eye level for maximum comfort.

we jsut mounted our 42" a week or so ago. i put it so that midline of teh screen is about 5.5 ft off the floor and it works great for us. we sit 18 ft back from it in recliners and this is the spot our eye naturally go to when sitting. my parents have a 54" and theirs is roughly 3ft to the bottom as it sits on an enetertainment center. they like their at this height and were uncomfortable with it higher.

best thing i can tell you is to set the TV up on something and sit back and see which height YOU prefer.

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Hah. I wrote Affect instead of Effect.

Oh well. LOL

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