Weekly Weigh-in, week of 9/27/09

harold14370September 27, 2009

Hello, everybody.

We were down to four weighers-in last week. It went like this.

Harold - Weight 200, gained 1, total lost 75

Eklektos - Weight 137, lost 0, total lost 15

Betty - Weight 158, lost 0, total lost 22

Ivamae - Weight 173, lost 1, total lost 19

Jasmi - forgot to weigh in.

My results for this week

Weight 198, lost 2, total lost 77

Average Calories - Food 1934, Exercise 281

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Hi Harold
Congratulations on getting down to 190's. Thats a huge accomplishment and must be motivating you further to reach a healthier weight range.

My weight was 131.2 this morning. I am very happy to see it coming down . I was stuck between 133- 134 for almost 7 weeks.I still need to make some effort to lose 1 pound every week. I figured I should lose atleast 10 more pounds to lose all the flab I have.
I really appreciate all the people who religiously weigh in every week and report on this post. That commitment actually motivates me rather than the number of pounds we are losing.


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All right, Jasmine!

I'm happy to see you're still here, weighing in and having success.

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Hi Guys,

Have you ever felt that you are on a roller coaster that is out of control and it just won't stop so you can get off?

Whew! That's the way it is around here lately. I'm not giving up, even though my number is not good this week. Right now I would be happy to not gain.

My DD, some Ladies from church, and I were out of town over the weekend for a Ladies Conference. Great conference, but so fast paced and tightly scheduled (not including the pouring rain) that we didn't have many good choices for meals. Still haven't squeezed in any treadmill time. MISS IT, too. I'm spending MANY days taking DH's aunt from doctor to doctor.

Hopefully I can burn a few calories trying to tidy my yard and garden for fall today.

Happy Fall, Y'all!! I'm into setting pretty tablescapes. The last one I did was a beach one that my grandson helped me do on our dining roon table. Since we don't always eat there I have left it there so I could admire it and enjoy the pretty beach colors we used.

I finally made myself take it up yesterday and dragged out the stuff for the Halloween table that is pure kid stuff.
They will love it and enjoy eating there, but I miss my beach dreaming already!!

I usually leave the table done for a month at a time. If we use the table, I will reset it as I dry the dishes. It is fun and keeps this feeble mind entertained!

I usually hang out on the Christmas and Holiday forum and they got me started with this dish fun!

OK, enough stalling, I gained a pound! DRATS!

Love Y'all. Gotta run. Have a great day.

And, BTW, Great Job on hitting those 190's Harold!! Party Time!!


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Well, I weighed this morning an have lost 1 more pound. Total of 20 altogether.

I'm so pleased. Hope I can keep it up until I'm down to what I want to be. Actually my clothes are quite a bit looser. What a bonus!!! Now I have something that fits.

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Betty, sorry to hear about the problems with husband's aunt.

The Halloween table sounds like fun. I had to take care of some garden stuff last night as well. It's getting chilly here, with a threat of frost, so I went and picked what was left in the garden. A couple of zucchinis, and a bunch of hot peppers. Not too many green tomatoes left, because the late blight cut the season short.

Great job, Ivamae. 20 lb lost is a big milestone, and you got there pretty quickly.

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