What with all the Plasma and LCD tv hype?

johndeereDecember 5, 2006

This Holiday season they say Plasma and LCD wide screen TV's are the number 1 top seller.Stores are having sales on these things left and right.

I see prices of like $1500.00 for just so so sized sets.The picture quality is atleast nice.Not like the Big screen TV's of a few years ago everyone fliped over yet had a lousy faded out looking picture.

Im ussually a Sucker for all the latest electronics that become a craze.Suround sound home theater systems.XBOX then XBox 360 Digital cameras 4 mps then 7mps DVD recorders you name it.The kids at BestBuy know me by my first name.But I have no desire for Wide Screen or LCD or Plasma or Big screen or HDTV.

I am happy with my 27'' tube set I might would go 32'' next time.Why not? Regular Tube TV's are cheap priced now days.I hang pictures on the wall but I do not want my TV hanging on a wall.Thats why I spent a grand on a nice entertainment center to hold it and my electronics.

Can someone explain what im missing with the new thin sets.To me I just can not see the better picture quality.Some look bad from the side washed out.All that big money and they get the same channels as any low priced set and not one thing else.

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The TV itself has nothing to do what how many channels come in or what's on those channels. How could it??

I paid $6945 for a 42" plasma panel in Sept 2002. Haven't regretted it for a moment. It was a nice improvement over the 27" CRT that it replaced. 16:9 widescreen is a lovely sight! I don't have it wall-mounted. Had a custom-built entertainment unit at my previous house. It fits fine on the built-in cabinetry at my new house.

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Well, it's a lot easier to find room for a 27" plasma or LCD set than it is for a 27" tube set. They're lighter, too.

Unless you have a rather recent tube set, it probably is not in 16:9 format, which is the same format in which movies are shown. On an "ordinary" TV, then, the choice is those lovely black bars at the top and bottom of a shrunken picture, or someone in an editing room deciding what part of the picture gets lopped off for your viewing.

Your TV probably isn't High Definition, either. Granted, not all plasma and LCD TVs are HD, but I'm not aware of large numbers of HD tube TVs. That higher resolution, though, is another reason people are buying them.

The new sets also use less electricity/heat up rooms less than tube TVs, though I'd hardly go buy one just for the energy savings.

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I cannot see how someone can watch a 27" tv from 12ft away without binoculars? I bought my 53" HD RPTV 5yrs ago and payed about $2500. I love it. when I got my HD tuner I was knocked out. My brother in law bought a pioneer elite 55" rptv ($4500) and tried the hd tuner for several wks and took the tuner back. he said he did not see the difference? I don't argue with him about it. he's flat out wrong or blind. he does not get it. I am ready for another big tv. we have 2 family rooms and want a set in the same range, 50-55" and am looking at DLP. more bang for the buck. plasma and LCD are cool but if you have the room, why pay more.

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Are those Advent speakers?

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I realise the set has nothig to do with the channels you recieve.I just meant your watching the same programs if you have a $100.00 set or a $10000.00 top of the line.Its just the screen size and format ratio and picture quality.

I have good eyes and can see a 27''just fine from 12 feet away.Mom always said do not set so close to the TV you will hurt your eyes.Glad I listened to her.Look at the money I will save not needing a 40'' or larger $1500.00 LCD.So I can see it from a distance.

Wide screen is nice but if its not 16:9 example local news everyone and everything is streched out.Or has a larger black bar on the sides.Can make a skinny dipper look like a chunky dunker.

I eventully will more then likley have wide screen on a 32'' LCD.But I will hold of until there priced around $300.00 where they will be in a few short years.

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jdbillp, yes. Advent Legacy III.

johndeere, I *never* watch 4:3 material in stretch mode. All flat-panel displays support both 4:3 and 16:9 in proper aspect ratio. As for the black filler bars on the side, sure they're there but I mentally ignore them. I rarely watch broadcast TV, but I have several DVD box sets of older TV shows in 4:3 format. Sitting "too close" to the TV is an old Mom's tale, IMHO. Sitting closer to a large-screen display helps it fill one's peripheral vision for an enveloping/engrossing viewing experience.

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It's called SPACE. Living in the Silicon Valley, in a $800,000 home that is 1536 ft^2 provides no room for a big hunk of junk, especially in the master bedroom, which is a spacious 12x16'.

We have 4 tv's, but only 2 are LCD's so far. The only reason that the MBR still looks terrible is because of that black 33" CRT monster TV in the corner. Is is the focal point-even after spending all the $$ we did on our mid-century modern furniture.

I do agree w you re wall mounts. They usually don't work (structurally hard on the house and require absolutely perfect installation and hiding of cords) - but you still have to show the DVD player and DirecTV/Tivo unit, so there's no escaping that - and there in lies the problem. The stand.

For me, its all about the dang stands. They all look so terrible. Home entiertainment cabinets are gawd awful unless you live in a country cottage style house (we don't), but the other extreme is just as bad: glass and metal. So in the bank the $$$ sits until I find the right stand for the Master BR - too bad, as that's where I watch the majority of my DVD's - mostly classics and lots of B&W remasters of film noir and Hitchcock. We are up to 400+ now and do not use the TV's for anything else but cable news and DVD's.


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