My hot feet hate tennis shoes!

ginjjMay 6, 2008

I just joined the Y and plan to use their machines for strength training. They insist on a closed toed shoe. I was hoping to stop by after work but I know my feet will be screaming at me having been in shoes for 10 hours. I have always preferred sandals to closed toed shoes.

I'd like to find a closed toed shoe/ tennis shoe or whatever, that will keep my feet as cool as possible.

Thanks for any shoe ideas!


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You might consider calling Road Runner Sports (see link). They carry all kinds of athletic shoes, not just running shoes. Their customer service folks are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. They will ask you all the right questions to help you make a selection. They also have an excellent return policy to insure proper fit. I have purchased all of my athletic and walking shoes from them for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. Your shoes will probably be your most important fitness item, so don't try to find something on the cheap. You'll appreciate their expert advice. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Road Runner Sports

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I assume you'll be switching shoes at the gym if you go after work. Put on fresh socks, give each foot a quick massage (helps a lot), and put on the best-fitting athletic shoes you can find. Don't get them too tight, and try them on with the weight of sock you plan to use. I like Avia, but everyone's feet are different. A dash of foot powder wouldn't hurt either.

You can also try Coolmax socks which are moisture-wicking and help keep feet cool. Available on line and probably at sporting goods stores.

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Thanks so much for giving me those ideas! I will try them.

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Make sure that you are wearing tennis shoes that have the mesh parts to them. It will make a world of difference than those that are completely leather or vinyl. Also, invest in a good part of tennis shoes. I love New Balance, Saucony and Avias. Good luck. deanna

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