Again: XL Glider and Gazelle Power Plus

mustangs81May 2, 2004

I tried the Tony Little Gazelle today and loved it. I came home to place an order. A Google search alerted me to another product...the XL Glider. I noticed that the previous forum discussions about these two gliders was back in 2001. So I thought that I would bring the topic up again, as I'm sure that more people have had the opportunity to try these products.

I like the XL because it's:

cheaper-$121 at QVC


However, the Gazelle is:


holds more weight - so DH can use it<?LI>

Would any of you be willing to share your experience with these two (or any other) glider products?

*Walmart has the Gazelle Power Plus for $304

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Hi Mustangs,

Sorry, but I don't know anything about either one. Wish I did. Hopefully someone will be along soon to answer your questions.


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